We Are Going!
Faith Development Newsletter
Let us arrive as children to this huge playground -- the Universe.
-Roger Bourland
What Does It Mean To Be A People Of Play?
We all are playing.
Playing it up, playing it down, trying to play fair.
Playing for keeps, playing favorites, playing it safe,
sometimes too safe.
He plays hardball; They’re playing house; I’m playing it by ear,
or at least learning to play it by ear.
She’s tired of playing second fiddle; He’s playing right into their hands.
Please God, can’t we all just throw out the playbook and start again?
Sometimes we’re just played out; it’s not always bad to play possum.
And what about playing with fire?
Let’s hope so friends.
Don’t you want to feel again that burning within,
and let it loose?
Welcome to the month of play. May we all take it seriously!

-Soul matters
Flower Communion On the Lawn!
Sunday, June 13 1-2 p.m.  A Special (In-Person) Flower Communion on the Meetinghouse Grounds
We’re not yet meeting inside the sanctuary…. but those who would like to gather outside the Meetinghouse are most welcome to join in a special version of First UU’s beloved “flower communion.”  
We’ll set up chairs – just bring yourselves, your family and friends, and flowers to share. We’ll all wear masks and maintain distance to keep each other safe, and protect those not yet vaccinated.
There will be music on the steps of the Meetinghouse, plus activities for children – and adults! – on the lawn.
You can expect:
Painting Rocks, to deliver later to those who can’t come in person!
Planting the seeds for our next crop of sunflowers!
Other activities, still being planned by the YUUth group, for children and the young at heart!
This event will take the place of what would have been our final Zoom Family Chapel.
Rain Date 6/20.
Story Paths Are Back!

Come to the Meeting House Grounds, anytime you want, to experience stories in a whole new way!
We take great children's books which relate to out worship themes and reflect our UU principles, divide them up page by page and invite you to read and amble!
First in the series - Grandmother Fish: A Childs First Book of Evolution by Jonathan tweet with illustrations by Karen Lewis.

The path is up now and begins at the Clarke St. entrance.

See our Welcome Page below:
Rock Painting:
We are combining our final Faith Development service project for the year with the all Society Flower Communion event on June 13 (see above).

Youth will gather early to help with set up so that everything kids, families, and adults will need to create painted rock gifts will be ready to go!

These rock creations will be delivered to friends and members as a way to maintain connection and spread cheer. During the event, we will collect names of potential recipients. In addition to those who are homebound, we can send rocks to anyone we think could use the boost, anyone who we want to feel some of our First UU love.

Come paint some rocks, make one for yourselves as well, and sign up if you would like to deliver a few later in the summer!
Recent Reflections For All Ages
The Power of UU Youth
In a colorful slideshow, Erika tells the story of how UU teenagers have shaped our Faith Movement and are shaping it now by promoting the proposed Unitarian Universalist 8th Principle.
Gratitude to Poppy Rees of CVUUS in Middlebury for much of this content.
Lillian's Right to Vote: A Celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
From our memorial Day service, Margo shares a picture book about the long struggle for voting rights in our country.
Written by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Shane w. Evans. Published by Random house Children's Books.
Coming Of Age: Spring Intensive!
8th through 10th graders at FUUSB experienced something unique and meaningful this spring: our first ever Outdoor COA Intensive, held on 4 Saturdays in May, led by Rev. David Ruffin, Youth Coordinator, Gabriel Ely, and dedicated volunteers, Marcus Keely and Dan House.
Here they are enjoying their final gathering. Word is that youth dove deep, and not just into the Winooski River!

Let's hope we can offer more transformative experiences like this one in the future.
802-862-5630 x2800 erika@uusociety.org