"Since actions are more important than words...
I want to give you this this Christmas, and throughout the whole year, gifts which will be expressed rather in deeds than in words.

With all my strength and love I will do my utmost to serve you in Christ, that as the days of the New Year go by, we shall all become more dear to the Heart of Christ and a blessing to our Community."

-Sister Frederica Horvath, Foundress, SSSLA
"The Sister" December 1947

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We will put your intentions on an ornament which will hang on our Retreat Center tree. The SSS Powerhouse of Prayer will make special efforts to pray for you, your family and your intentions throughout the Advent season. Peace be with you!

Sister Lisa Lopez

"Bringing God's Love to the Most Vulnerable"

recently featured in
The Southern Cross
the official newspaper of the Diocese of San Diego

Sister Elizabeth Lopez, SSS, is an attorney who practices immigration law and is the Executive Director of the Southern California Immigration Project, a San Diego-based nonprofit law center that she founded in 2015 to provide pro bono legal services to survivors of human rights violations.

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Encino Lake Beautification Fund
Our beautiful lake on the grounds of our Encino property provides multiple opportunities for quiet reflection and sharing. But did you also know it is part of the significant flight pattern of Canadian Geese and other migratory birds? Our lake is one of a very few small bodies of water that contributes significantly to the area's ecosystem, and is home to a myriad of birds, fish and other animal life, including over 50-75 ducks! However, our lake requires approximately $22,000 a year of regular maintenance and service in order for it to stay healthy and to continue functioning as a critical part of our spiritual and natural environment.