The Branches
Spring 2017 Edition
Sharing the good things going on in the Altrus family.
A Journey of Love:  The Dodd Family Home 1956-2017
     Camden Place Residential Care Home is located at 115 Dodd Circle.  Before it became a home for the aging in Bulloch County, this place was 'home' for me (Debbie Dodd) and for my family.  You see, my Father (Albert Sydney Dodd, Jr.) and my Mother (Mary Ruth Lanier Dodd) built and owned The Dodd Motel and Town and Country Restaurant down below some land on a hill out Highway 301 North.  They eventually purchased the land for their dream home on that very hill-where Camden Place is today.  My Father was in the construction business and built our home (with help from my oldest brother) for his ever-growing family:  Sid (Bubba), Roddy, Deanna, Pam, and Debbie. 

The Dodd Family Then

     We moved into our home (spacious by all standards at 7,000 sq.ft.) when I was just a baby (1956-1957).  Our sisters, Dancy and Lulie Anne, were to follow in the next few years to complete our family. I have so many memories growing up in that 'h
ouse on the hill' which was considered living somewhat out in the country at the time.  
The Dodd Family - Now
     Years passed by and my Mother sold our home to The Joseph's Home for Boys back in the early 1980's.  The Home for Boys was there for many years and such a blessing as it provided a place to live for many young men in need.  I had the occasion to do service hours at the home for the Statesboro Service League a few times over those early years.  Those times would be the last I would visit the home.  TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY CLICK HERE.
Altrus CLA Homes for Individuals 
with Developmental Disabilities Now 
Open In Augusta and Thomasville Areas 

     Community Living Arrangements  are licensed by the Georgia Department of  Community Health (DCH) Healthcare Facility Regulation Division (HFRD) and serve individuals that receive waiver services from the Department of
Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD.) We pride ourselves on the best possible care and home atmosphere for your loved one(s).

John and his caregiver Josh share a special bond

Henderson Home,  Augusta GA

     It is our job to make life the best it can be. Community Living Arrangements provide or arrange for the provision of daily personal services,   supports, care, or treatment exclusively for two or more adults. The number of people living in a CLA varies with each location and staffing is based on   individual needs. Staff is present at all times. The individuals have access to a variety of options and are assisted when participating in leisure and recreational trips. Individuals are encouraged to visit their family's homes whenever possible and to maintain close relationships which enhance and nurture their quality of life.  A wide range of therapeutic services for  individuals, depending on their needs are coordinated. These services may include but are not limited to: nursing, behavioral  supports, occupational and speech/adaptive communication. Our dedication to our residents and the satisfaction of our caregivers continues to be a key factor in making Altrus homes preferred destinations for those in need of our care.

River Ridge Home, Augusta GA
Curriluck Home, Augusta, GA

Annual Sub Contractor Training for Altrus Home Providers

     Last month, Altrus held their annual Training and Appreciation Day for the Home Providers around the state.
     For more information on becoming an Altrus Home Provider, visit us here.
Meet Our Altrus DD Program Management Team
Our Family is Growing!

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