A Letter to Our Valued Customers
COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented situation. If it becomes necessary, the entire PDQ team can work remotely in order to support you.   In fact, we routinely do this during bad weather events, so we are here and ready!
How we can help:
Add Delivery : If you only have table service, you can EASILY add delivery--which will allow you to stay open under certain municipality guidelines. Call our hotline at 877-968-6430 and we can activate the delivery system by tying in remotely. We can add a delivery fee and even split that fee between the store and the driver if you would like. 
Mapping : We can add our mapping program to your store. With this in place, you can quickly and easily assign deliveries and have written delivery instructions for your drivers.
Tracking & Text Alerts: Take it a step further: with our tracking and text alerts, we can send texts to your customers as your delivery drivers leave the store, drop off an order, etc. Your customers receive live text alerts that the driver is on his/her way and is only "3 minutes away," for example.
Online Ordering : The internet is your friend during this time. Because many of us are at home watching TV or online, the ability to place pickup and delivery orders thru online ordering is a great way to increase sales. Plus, online orders are typically 18% higher than those placed in person or via a phone call.
Mobile Tablets:  Adding a mobile tablet with a payment device allows you to take the order directly to the person. Don’t have a drive thru? No problem! Have a staff member out front with a tablet, where the order can be taken, paid for, and sent to the kitchen. Then simply direct the guest's vehicle to park in a convenient location and have a runner take the food to the guest when the order is ready. 
Curbside Pickup : If a guest calls for a pick up, ask if they want it to be curbside pickup. For a seamless transaction, ask them to call the store when they arrive or get a description of the vehicle they are driving.
Contactless Deliveries : When taking a phone order, ask the customer if they want their delivery to be contactless. If so, ask if they would like to leave a tip and add "contactless delivery" under driver instructions so the driver knows this order is contactless. The driver will arrive, leave the food on the doorstep, and then call the customer from their vehicle, letting the customer know the food has arrived.
Sales and Support: Employees have been encouraged to limit having close contact or other unnecessary touching while in the office.  If it becomes necessary, the entire PDQ team can work remotely so that we can continue to support you.
Supply Chain: There are no disruptions in our supply chain at this time. We are in regular communication with our vendor partners. 
Enhanced Cleaning: We are routinely cleaning all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs. We have provided disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, desks) can be wiped down by employees before each use.
Please contact sales@pdqpos.com or call us at 877-968-6430 for more information.
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