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We Are Making Our Quilting Patterns
Available As Downloads!
No More Shipping Costs!


We have started migrating all of Raggedy Ruth Designs' quilting patterns to downloadable PDF files.This will allow us to lower the prices to you and on top of that, eliminate the shipping costs. This process should be completed in just a few short weeks.

For example, a $9.00 patter will now be $5.00, a savings of $4.00. In addition, the shipping and its associated cost will be eliminated, which is $7.75. That means that you will be saving $11.70 when you buy a $5.00 pattern from our web-site! That's pretty cool!

This makes it worthwhile to visit our store several times over the next few weeks during the conversion process. See which patterns "tickle your fancy."

Pricing Stipulation:

There is one stipulation on the pricing: as long as our distributors have printed patterns in their inventory, we will keep the price the same at their published retail price. You will still get savings from the lion's share in shipping as these patterns, too, will be downloadable..

Terms of Use:

Individuals: The purchased patterns are for your use only. Do not share them via email, social media, sharing, printing, making copies, etc.

Guilds & Clubs: One pattern download per person. No copying, projecting, etc. For example: a class of 100 needs 101 PDFs downloaded, the one being for the teacher. If there are multiple classes, the teacher/instructor only downloads their copy once. All downloaded patterns are to be treated the same way that the "Individuals" are, above.

Shops Giving Classes, workshops, etc.: One downloaded copy may be used to print copies for all attendees in a class. For example.: a class of 100 needs 1 download and two classes of 100 need 2 downloads. Note:the instructors' copies are included in the first of many class downloads. All printed patterns are to be treated the same way that the "Individuals" are, above.

PDF Reader

If your computer is not set up to read PDF files, you may download a reader free.

We trust that this information will be of benefit to you and the art of quilting!

May the Lord richly bless you.

Rick & Ruth Grihalva

Enjoy your blessings!
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