Yes, you read that correctly, but now for the fine print...we don't know when or where!

Throughout this past year, since the pandemic began, we began to feel that God is doing a new thing! Discovering what exactly that new thing is has been a process that we are still praying through.

Last week Laura and I were able to join the Praying Pelican Missions staff for a week of meetings in Estes Park, Colorado. Along with being trained, we also were able to be encouraged by some of our partner pastors. It seemed that God was speaking so clearly, directly to us! One of our host pastors from Tulsa, Oklahoma shared that "Covid triggered a shift in the atmosphere." We have definitely felt that "shift" over the past year, and are starting to understand what that may look like for us as a family moving forward.

What we do know: We aren't leaving Praying Pelican Missions. As long as we live in close proximity to an international airport, we are good! We continue to want to be in a place where God can receive the most glory from our family!

So what does this look like right now? A lot of prayer and seeking the Lord! We want to be good stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with. In reality, we could buy a house anywhere outside of Florida and be saving money compared to renting in South Florida. We are confident that God called us here for a season, but South Florida does not seem to be a long-term, sustainable fit for our family moving forward.

We invite you to pray with us, that God's will would be made known to us clearly, and that we would be obedient to go wherever He calls us.

We also continue to invite you to pray along with us at Praying Pelican Missions for the 6,000 people that have answered the call to go and serve this summer domestically and internationally! We are so excited that teams are answering the call again to GO and be Jesus' hands and feet!