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We're Moving


"Behold, I go forward." Job 23:8


       Yes, you heard it correctly we are moving from Polebridge, Montana to Olathe, Colorado. Let me tell you the condenced story.


       I received a phone call from a friend of ours that lives in Montana stating, "I'm tired of the 6 months of clouds, cold and snow here so I'm moving to Colorado." That opened up a discussion on where in Colorado. As I investigated the best place to move to in Colorado, in order to help our friend with the best possible location, I shared with Sally my findings and she said, "let's go and consider a possible move for us. It all sounds so advantageous."


       So in January we found ourselves in Ouray, Colorado. Ouray is nicknamed the little Switzerland of America. It is absolutely gorgeous with mountains and an Alpine setting similar to Switzerland. It gets approximately 100 more days of sunshine a year than Polebridge, Montana. However, because of its high altitude of 7800 feet it still gets cold and snow although a bit less than MT. Some properties caught out attention but closer examinations eliminated them.


       We would move only if God was in it and it improved our life and ministry. One home we had looked at gave us a vision of how nice and economical it would be to have the ministry office and the home in one location under one roof. No commute each week. One set of utilities to run both home and office. That idea grew great desires and was very attractive. Nothing fit perfectly so upon returning home we tried to put our office into our current home in MT. It was just impossible and impractical but the idea was very pleasant and grew. We'd have to move to accommodate this dream being a reality. After much prayer, we felt God was placing this vision upon our hearts. This idea did not begin in our human hearts. And until now Sally was set to die in MT but God miraculously changed her heart and desire. Now that was a Big miracle in itself, never before seen. What is God up to here?


       That brought our search to Montrose, Colorado just 36 miles to the north with an elevation of 5800 feet. It averages 13� warmer than Ouray and a lot less snow yet within striking distance of the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Ouray for hiking, back packing, wilderness places for alone time with God, and snow recreation. Plus it is only 30 min. from the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park to the east and 30 min. from the Uncompahge National Forest to the West and one hour to the Grand Mesa National Forest to the north. Wow Lord this is remarkable.


       Now that the Lord helped us to find our hub; Lord please direct us to the property that You have in mind for us. We were sensing God's hand in all this more and more as we researched. We only want this move, if it is your will Lord. We want to Honor You. Through many miraculous events God brought us to a beautiful country property up on a mesa that overlooks the entire valley below. It has privacy, a quaint home to facilitate our ministry office as well as a self-efficient lifestyle. We can grow fruit trees, even grape vines here. It's within 15 min. of an airport to facilitate our ministry travels and within 20 min. of Montrose, Colorado to accommodate business and shopping. Sally typed out 3 pages of providential leadings that God confirmed were His leading of us here.


       Why are we moving?


-Combine ministry and home into one location.

-Simplifying our life considerably.

-Lower our overhead and upkeep to both home and ministry office.

-Warmer climate and much less snow to manage.

-A Wonderful growing season.

-Better location for flying to our meetings.

-It is a God directed move.

-Greater access to year round out-of-doors.

-And a great bonus; 100+ additional days of sunshine per year contributing to better health.


Please take note of our New Address as of July 2, 2013


       Empowered Living Ministries

       9550 High Mesa Road

       Olathe, Co. 81425


       Phone number: We will be forwarding our current phone number until we experiment with our options once we are there. Will keep you updated.


       Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to minister to God's people around the world from our new location!  Our website and email remains the same.


             Blessings to you,

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                 Jim & Sally

                     Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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