November 2, 2016 
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This graphic of beautiful beings assisting the earth and everyone on it is a good match for our unseen reality. In general, we think we are on our own and yet even those who don't claim to have mystical experiences tell me they realize relatives visit them shortly after passing away and how they are comforted by the experience. Christian magazines like Guideposts and Angels on Earth are all about amazing coincidences that appear angelic and mystical to me.
I believe we are always assisted by loving beings which is a theme throughout my new book titled Unfolding the Mystery of Self - We Are Never Alone (due out Nov. 30, 2016).
In the book, I give example after example of hearing guidance in dreams, in spirit from deceased relatives, in meditations that caused me to know we are always guided, always loved and supported. That has become my truth.
These days when I have a choice of how to spend my time, if I am uncertain about an action, I go within  and ask for guidance . Many mornings after meditation, I ask a question of my angel cards  and get direction for the day. Another easy way to receive guidance is through journaling. I write the questions  or the topic and allow myself full expression. If I want even more clarity I'll ask the questions aloud  and write the responses or meditate for a while then write  the responses. I can tell when I'm on the right track because the answers are clear and simple.
Actually in both of my books I talk about being in the flow, knowing how to be in the right place at the right time and how to make myself available to be useful in the moment. Of course, I do none of it perfectly; I just do my best.
A few more tools:
  • Pause and ask to know what is highest and best to do next.
  • Set intention in the morning for the day. Proclaim "something awesome is coming today".
  • Express your gratitude's to the universe each morning and evening.
  • Offer to be an instrument of light.
  • Practice positive thought. "I can do this easily." "I am loved, always have been, always will be."
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