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We Finished Edition #2!
It Was Worth It! 

Edition #2 Is Wrapped!

We've been work on edition #2 with the wonderful feedback from our first two classes, review by employees of Accomplish Quilting in Michigan, Indiana, and Tennessee and our own observations. We've completed it in less than a month!


We are now working on making videos of all 10 segments: the introduction, the layout, and projects 1-7, and the bonus exercise on "Extreme Volume Quilting" that is in the "Hints, Tips & Techniques" section!

Complete Acceptance Of The First Edition!
As you may know Accomplish Quilting, Inc. has selected Forever In Stitches to design, develop, and author their advanced training material for the Innova AutoPilot Mach 3. Our first two classes in Indianapolis received rave reviews!
We wanted to expand the project to include every single function that is available in Autopilot. We also expanded the "Hints, Tips & Techniques" section to include the "teacher tips" that we gave during the class so that the materials were self-contained.
What's In Edition #2
The workbook is almost 100 pages [96 to be exact]. There are 7 fully-illustrated, step-by-step projects, a project layout that just needs to be stitched, and in the "Hints, Tips & Techniques" section we added a project and instructions for those whose business plan included "Extreme Volume Quilting!"
The trial class for this edition will be on February 22 - 23, 2019 at Accomplish Quilting's Indianapolis, Indiana shop. The materials included are:
  • The fully illustrated 100 page Workbook in full color;
  • A USB drive;
  • A project to create the layout for the projects;
  • A project to demonstrate and use for "Extreme Volume Quilting";and
  • All of the patterns used in the projects.
The concept that we used to create the class was that it had to be:
  • Scalable: It could be used on any size Innova AutoPilot setup;
  • Detailed: It had to contain every step needed to create and finish the projects;
  • Focused: It had to be focused on working with a quilt and not a computer screen;
  • Stamped On The Memory: It had to be able to the practiced "at home" over and over to cement the concepts in the quilter's mind and overcome the standard memory loss of 95% in three days;
  • Stand-Alone: An experienced longarmer should be able to complete the training on their own with about four technical support requests; and,
  • In Depth: It had to address as many issues as possible using the media we have chosen.
What's Next?
After our announcement of the project in January we received several emails and comments asking how one could attend the classes.
After the class in February, we will put more detail behind our plans. The outline of our plan at this point is as follows:
  • Complete the videos of the sessions to be included in the USB drives;.
  • Offer it to all new AQ AutoPilot sales;
  • Offer it to all existing AQ AutoPilot installations;
  • Offer it in a class environment to all those who benefit from that approach; and
  • Make it available to all AutoPilot users.
The exact nature and timing of these had not yet been determined. We are looking forward to the successful rollout of this product.
We will keep you informed.
Enjoy your blessings!
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