We are often asked: "What do you do in the winter?"
and our answer is: "We keep very busy preparing for spring!" 
Winter Turf Moss Control
With our dark wet winters, moss grows and thrives. We recommend treatment twice yearly, once in December or January and again in March or April. This keeps moss under control and allows the grass to survive and thrive.
Winter Pruning
Pruning during the summer is mostly focused on managing the new growth. Winter pruning is more focused on structural and rejuvenation. These efforts help ensure the plants are ready for their spring growth flush.
Shrub Bed Clean-up
Following the messy fall and early winter, we perform a comprehensive raking and grooming of the shrub beds. This gets them ready for pre-emergence weed control application and re-barkdusting (if planned)
Shrub Bed Pre-emergence
To prevent weed germination through the spring and summer, we treat all shrub bed areas with a pre-emergence product to keep weeds from germinating and getting established. This keeps our shrub beds clean of weeds through the summer.
Winter Pansy Maintenance
Due to our mild winter, most pansies are doing quite well. However, weeds are growing and general debris are collecting. so we go through our beds to do a proper cleaning. In addition, we treat our pansies monthly with fungicides to prevent disease. If you look around, you will see other contractor's pansies infected with disease and starting to decline.
Winter Shrub Fertilization
Winter is the most important time for fertilization. We fertilize almost all lawns, shrubs, and trees at this time.
Winter isn't the most fun time to spend outdoors but an important time for us to prepare to help ensure your landscape is beautiful and healthy this coming season.