August 21, 2020
Hello Everyone,
As you know, we launched a campaign earlier this month to get better metrics from our county health officials. We are concerned with knowing things like when it is safe to open our schools and when districts should be going virtual. We feel these metrics would give everyone peace of mind. We are so close to hitting our goal of 1,000 signatures! Please sign and share so we can send these petitions to their correlating county health officials. There's still time to make an impact!


And please share these widely with your coworkers and friends on your social media platforms so we can surpass our goal!

As always if you have concerns or questions please reach out to the crew at Region 3.
In Solidarity,
Kristin Lytie
Region 3 Director
Recertification Elections:
Tell WR3 if your Local is participating
NO LATER THAN Friday, September 4! 
Even if your Local is NOT recertifying soon, talking about Recertification is a good idea. You can explain why your Local is not participating, that even without recertifying your UNION STILL EXISTS, and you can discuss the potential for holding a CERTIFICATION election in the future.
·    Here is a flyer that describes the process of Certification and Recertification.
If your Local IS recertifying this year, please contact the WR3 office by September 4. The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission has not yet announced the 20-day voting period, but should do so in early September. In past years, recertification voting has typically begun in early November.
State Issues New Covid Guidance

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services issued new guidance that lays out steps for schools and local/county health departments to consider as in-person instruction begins in some districts this fall. WEAC will continue to work with DHS and DPI to gain more understanding of recommendations and ensure educator voice is at the table as important decisions are made.

The guidance includes a number of provisions including:

  • physical distancing,
  • wearing face coverings,
  • absence policies,
  • information on how to identify cases and close contact among students,
  • information on when to exclude students from in-person instruction,
  • how to best isolate and quarantine,
  • effective cleaning and disinfecting practices, and
  • template letters for schools to use in the situation of confirmed cases or close contact.

In announcing the guidance, the DHS said the document is based on the science of the virus and was informed by countries where in-person schooling has already started.
Recognizing that schools that resume in-person instruction will likely experience outbreaks of COVID-19, DHS’s goal was to create a consistent but flexible approach to responding to outbreaks so our schools and local health departments had the tools and information they need to respond.
“The reality of the current status of the virus in Wisconsin is that we will see outbreaks in schools,” the guidance states. “The fall semester is going to be a difficult one. It is important for us all to be supporting our schools and local health departments and allowing them to make the best decisions possible for their parents, kids, teachers, and community. We want local and tribal health departments to be prepared so that outbreaks can be addressed quickly and the students, school staff, and entire community can be as safe and healthy as possible.”

WEAC will continue to advocate for educators at the state level for the safety of educators and students. Questions? Send us an email.
Member Sign Up
Easy, fast online feature supports your membership efforts

WEAC online member sign-up, Join Now, is now available to provide a convenient and fast way for educators to become members of our union.

In a series of simple screens, educators can enter their information to become a member. This feature is especially useful during one-on-one membership conversations. While the process is entirely online, it is recommended that organizers and leaders stay with educators through the sign-up process to answer any questions that might arise.
For an overview of the Join Now experience, click here.
Region 3 Special Education Networking Meeting

This Special Ed Networking call will be special as it's going to be facilitated by two members from Region 3 who have extensive experience working in Special Ed. Their expertise is sure to take the conversation in a meaningful and thought provoking way!

During our weekly Region 3 zoom meetings, it became apparent that what is happening in one district with Special Ed varies wildly from district to district. It was decided that these educators could benefit greatly by strategizing, sharing best practices and asking each other questions. So, let's do it!
When: August 24, 2020 @ 4:30 PM
Register in advance for this meeting HERE:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
WEAC Region 3 would now like to invite members and potential members to these meetings. This is your opportunity, Region 3 members, to bring a non-member friend. Let's show them the value of union membership!

Region 3 created an ESP Connection Call to check in with one another, keep each other in the loop and plan our next steps. It was discovered that now more than ever ESP staff need to be in contact with each other to discuss what their districts are doing, best practices and how to implement them in their own district. The global pandemic has revealed that schools are the social safety nets for many of our communities and that those safety nets work because you do.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 8 at 4 pm via zoom to participate in this important conversation. 
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
You are Invited!
Weekly Virtual Gathering
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
4:00 - 5:00 pm

Please note that you need to PRE-Register for the meeting by clicking on the link above. Then an email will be sent to you with the login link.
We are doing our best to Zoombomb-proof our meeting!

1) Latest updates on school closings.
2) Time for sharing! What's going on in your area?

We look forward to SEEING you!
It's a good idea to log in a few minutes early
to get the audio and video working on your device.
Every Wednesday between 6-7 p.m. WEAC members have access to a webinar highlighting relevant teaching and learning topics. Examples include increasing student engagement during online learning, providing accommodations and scaffolds, and the ins and outs of Google. The first session (August 19) focuses on planning for distance learning. A complete listing of the webinars and the registration link can be found here.
The Balanced Life
This course has been specifically designed for the times we are living in. It includes resources, lessons, and monthly challenges to help educators keep an emotional, social, and physical balance in their lives. This course is valued at $700; members can register for just $30. A flyer detailing the course is attached. The registration link can be found here.
Professional Development Institute
The annual WEAC Professional Development Institute is going virtual this year. It will be held Saturday, November 7, 2020. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Anton Treuer. Dr. Treuer is a professor and author of 19 books including Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians but were Afraid to Ask. There will be four 1-hour breakout sessions. The registration link can be found here.
Engaging Youth in Elections Workshop
Participants in this session will learn strategies to engage students in elections by having them explore their own ideologies, learn about the candidates, explore media messages, develop their ability to be critical consumers of information, and find creative ways to get involved in the election process. Free lessons will be provided. This will be held on Tuesday, August 25 from 4-5:30 p.m. Click here for the registration link. Here's a detailed flyer.
Teaching for Black Lives Virtual Book Study
Having a statewide conversation among educators on race is virtually unprecedented. Led by Teaching for Black Lives author and editor, Jesse Hagopian, this virtual book study will assist participants in examining our own bias’ as we work toward building anti-racist learning environments. Join us Saturday, September 19 and Saturday, October 3 from 10-12 p.m. A flyer is attached and the registration link is here.
The WEA Academy
The WEA Academy continues to be your go to for relevant, timely, and reasonable professional development and resources. The top three most popular courses in recent months have been: The Science of Happiness, Spanish for Educators and Degrees Not Debt! Take a moment to visit the WEA Academy website to see other offerings. Please also visit the WEA Academy’s Facebook page regularly for timely information and professional inspiration.
Region 3 has added a COVID-19 INFO tab on our webpage:

Clicking on that tab gives you access to a Google Drive with all kinds of updated information. We have posted a document with links and resources, recordings of virtual gatherings, an Excel version of our survey data, and more.
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