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May 2021 Volume 11 Number 4 Supplement

Les and RoxAnne Triché Have Maximized Online Programming

Already a skilled marketer, Les Triché called his own Choice Theory®-based organization “Internal Empowerment, Inc.” While working as a school Principal for the California Department of Corrections, he taught his Choice Theory program in prison self-improvement programs. He estimates he reached over 3,000 male and female students, during weekend and weekday evening sessions.
During that time, Les also became a Basic Intensive Instructor. While conducting a Basic Intensive Training for community members, he met the beautiful RoxAnne Le Sene. Les had always said he wanted to re-marry, but he was looking for a woman who used the Connecting Habits in her relationships. Of course, he taught the Habits during the course. The end of the story is that Les and RoxAnne were married in December 2014.
Besides the Habits, their relationship has been about leveraging each other’s strengths, and their Choice Theory education efforts are no exception. By the time Les left his position the prison, he had completed his Senior Faculty endorsement and RoxAnne completed her Certification in Choice Theory as well as a Certification in Family Mediation. RoxAnne already had extensive corporate business experience and a background in computerized management. She will complete her Masters in Christian Counseling in June.
The pair set about creating solutions for delivering Choice Theory to their prospective clients. First, they set up their web site, They created a large section of the web site to describe Dr. Glasser: his work and legacy. Then, RoxAnne researched educational software platforms and learned to use the one she preferred.
The TCOYL program was adapted from the initial CT-based curriculum for the prison self-improvement program. They uploaded the program on the GIFCT web site as well as their own. Then, they formed a small editorial group and began development of a self-paced online Basic Intensive Training course. This course was the second online BIT approved by William Glasser International Board in July 2018. (Continued below.)

Dr. Glasser postulated that Basic Needs are inborn, remain relatively stable throughout life, and are the basis of our Quality World pictures. However, this leaves many students of Choice Theory mystified about their own Basic Needs Profile and the personality identification our needs provide. Many of us are unaware that there has been a lot of work done in Japan on basic needs and that there are English translations available for those who would like explore their basic needs profile.
WGI Japan and Achievement Corporation’s work on Basic Needs Assessment includes data analysis for over 20,000 individuals. The Basic Needs database is maintained by Achievement Corp. Each need is broken down into essential components: for example, Love and Belonging is split into deep intimacy versus affiliation.
Nuances in need expression are addressed by considering different components defined as: “desire”, “focus”, and “reality”. Questions have been designed to address these three phases. The introductory material explains: “Although your overall balance of needs are essentially the same, the degree to which the desire is satisfied will change as you progress.” 
Each individual report contains the breakdown for identifiable components of each of the Basic Needs, and the relative strength of each need component. There is a section of the report which describes “Need Balance Trend Details”, where your score is interpreted in terms of the amount of satisfaction calculated for that need and suggestions to improve satisfaction if desired. There is also a section where the highest and lowest needs strengths are identified and described.
A personal needs assessment can be a valuable tool for discovering your own need satisfaction. The individual needs assessment can be found via the link from the Glasser International web site, which will transfer you to register. Cost for an individual test is 2200Y, or $20.26 American. 
(Continued from above.) Then, Les and RoxAnne really began diversify their programs via computerized delivery:
1)     They developed a version of the BIT to conform with the requirements of the California Association of Marriage and Family Counselors for continuing education, which was approved in June of 2019, with provider #147917.
2)     They then began to work their partnership with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Extension, Los Angeles, to create the Behavioral Health Practitioner program. This Choice Theory based program is 170-hours and focuses on “why and how” people behave. This program features flexible registration and is designed to support people who are experiencing challenges and transitions in life. This program is approved by WIOA for funding assistance.

3)     Loyola Marymount University Extension Los Angeles also carries their Internal Empowerment Coaching program. This program is 420-hours and is based on the Choice Theory principles. Contact RoxAnne for further information.
4)     Drawing on Les’s experience as a Christian pastor, the Trichés created Scripture Therapy® College & Seminary (STC&S), which was accredited in July 2020. STC&S offers Choice Theory for people who prefer to approach behavior from the context of their religious beliefs. Students are asked to compare and contrast Choice Theory principles with passages in texts of any religion and develop their spiritual philosophy while considering practical applications of Choice Theory.

5)     There is a program for US Armed Service Veterans in development. The activities will focus on adjustment to re-entry into society as well as addiction and prevention of self harm.

6)     Finally, Les is participating in a Chaplaincy program, where he is earning Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) units to become a certified chaplain. He is using Choice Theory while meeting with hospitalized patients. He currently volunteers at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and Behavioral Health in Laguna Beach, CA.

7)     Students in any Internal Empowerment program are all invited to a monthly practicum for discussion and demonstration (role play) the first Sunday of each month.
All these activities are only possible through the miracles of modern computers. The migration to Zoom has enhanced the amount that can be done to expand Choice Theory programs. Les and RoxAnne provide us with an excellent example of what can be done to teach Choice Theory to the world!
Basic Intensive Courses Offered Online

At present, there are three William Glasser International approved Basic Intensive Courses offered online. All three are described below in the order they were approved.
The first course approved by Glasser International is Choice Theory Online, created by Ginette Gougen of Glasser Canada and taught in both English and French. Students actually register as students of a local community college when they sign up for this course, and there is an option for college credit if the learner desires. The entire fourteen-week course provides approximately 45 hours of training. Basic Intensive Training certificates are issued upon successful course completion, and the learner is registered with Glasser Canada and William Glasser International.
The second course to be approved by the International Board is Basic Intensive in Choice Theory by Internal Empowerment, Inc., conducted by Les and RoxAnne Triché and staff from the U.S. The entire course takes an average of 30 hours to complete, and can be entirely self-paced; or it can be taken with cohorts in a more structured format. A certificate of completion is issued, and the participant’s completion of the course is registered with the William Glasser International.
The third Basic Intensive Course option is newly offered by Glasser Institute for Choice Theory US, and also addresses competencies expected by the International Board. Once completed, the students are issued a certificate of completion for the Basic Intensive course and registered with William Glasser International. 

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