Our Mission Statement:
Walther Christian Academy is a culturally diverse and inclusive Christian middle and high school, rooted in the Lutheran tradition. Walther nurtures and prepares learners to fulfill their unique
God-given potential through academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service,
leadership and enrichment opportunities.
From the desk of our Advancement Director.
May, 2022
Tim Bouman, Head of School

Greetings, Bronco family! It is spring time at Walther, and we are busy with all that entails: spring sports, Senior events, final exams, and graduation preparation. It's been a long year, begun with much uncertainty, but our Good Shepherd has seen us through successfully. 

I'll share a quick story from earlier this month, just to give you a flavor of Walther. I had the opportunity to tag along with the Christian Minstrels as they led a chapel service at St. Andrews in Park Ridge earlier this week. OK, I was actually the substitute bus driver and chaperone, but it was such a pleasure to see our young men and women stand up in front of a church full of elementary school students and share the Good News! They did it all entirely by themselves (having been extremely well-prepared by the fabulous Lori Boyer): songs, scripture readings, prayers, and an original skit. Walther is producing confident young men and women who will be leaders in our church and our world. Even better was listening to them on the bus coming back to school talking among themselves about how they handle different kinds of prayer requests from the young students, from prayers for cats to prayers for grandma who has cancer. They encouraged one another in their faith. Then one student said, "Guys, isn't it great that we go to a school where we can do things like this?"

Amen! And, I hope to see you all on June 4 at our second annual Bucking Bronco 5K Run/Walk!

Yours in Christ,

Tim Bouman
Head of School/Principal
Sally Ruecking, Director of Advancement

Dear Walther Friends,

Another challenging year is coming to a close. We hosted two of the three planned Bronco Benefits and thanks to all of you, raised crucial revenue to support Walther Christian Academy. While many people could not attend our in-person benefit primarily out of concern for the variety of strains of Covid, so many contributed anyway. I continually am grateful for all our alumni and supporters.

Our upcoming Bucking Bronco 5K is just around the corner. Mark 10:27 is a very popular verse among athletes who need extra motivation when they run, golf, swim, play ball and so much more. “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Even if you cannot run, please walk or stroll with us on June 4. It’s a fun outdoor activity that will fill your hearts with joy that you can do something worthwhile to support this school.

A highlight of my journey this month was hosting a field trip with some of our Aura students. Our very own Tim Bouman drove the bus! Our students were treated to a private docent tour of the permanent exhibits at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen. We also explored other galleries which included the photographs of Frida Kahlo. From there, we walked the Pilsen neighborhood and took photographs of the beautiful outdoor murals. Finally, we enjoyed lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, Canton Regio. It was a special day that was filled with exploration and celebration of our multicultural city that Walther is so close to! (Please enjoy the photos at the end of this newsletter!)

Please continue to support Walther with your gifts and your prayers, and again, thank you for being part of our community.  We are still here, thanks to all of you!

Sally Ruecking
Director of Advancement
Please register to attend our second annual Bucking Bronco 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, June 4. The race start time is 9 am. Please arrive between 7:30 am and 8:45. Every registered participant will receive commemorative medal, and the top three runners from each age category will receive a winning medal. This is a family friendly event! All are welcome.

Meet: Mark Eggerding, our 2022 Sower Recipient at our in-person Bronco Benefit on May 14.

Walther Class of 1970

Mark and all of his siblings attended Walther. His father was a Lutheran School Teacher and started out in a one-room school in Iowa.

In High School, Mark was active in Band, was a Letterman who played football under Coach Hoger, and was also on the track team. In the 1970 yearbook, Mark was known for his nicknames of “Egg” and “Tom Jones.” He was also noted as being “unpredictable.”

Mark attended Augustana and received a B.A. in Business Administration, worked in sales for Honeywell and Electrical Systems USA. Later he became the Senior Technical Account Executive at Johnson Controls, Inc. He married his wife Kathy after meeting her at a health club. He is a proud husband and step-father.

Ten years after Mark graduated from college he was diagnosed with a disease that would affect his eyesight. Ten years after that, Mark became blind.

Mark considers his disability a blessing and thanks God every day for his life. He uses his disability to show to everyone what the blessing of faith can achieve. 

Mark has shared his time, talents and treasure over many years with Walther Christian Academy. His family and friends are here with all of us to thank Mark for his service and his “life well-lived.”
Meet: Justin Wang
International Student at Walther

As everyone knows, Walther is a school that is proud of its diversity. We welcome students from 50 zip codes all over Chicagoland, and they fully represent our region's diversity. What not everyone knows is that Walther has consistently hosted a small number of international students as well. We have had students from India, China, and Vietnam in recent years. It is a true blessing to welcome international students into our community and share the Good News with them while we prepare them for college and life after Walther. 

Currently, we have one international student, a junior named Justin Wang. He grew up in China, and has been with us for two years now. He says that what he likes most about Walther is our teachers, and how they teach students. He plans to attend university in the US and study art. He is a wonderful, hard-working and pleasant young man and we thank God for the opportunity to serve him.

We would love to be able to serve more international students--but we need more host families! If you live near Walther and would be interested in learning more about hosting one, please contact Head of School Tim Bouman at tim_bouman@waltheracademy.org.
Meet: National Honor Society Members

On Tuesday, May 17, 12 new members were inducted into Walther Christian Academy's Chapter of the National Honor Society. We are so proud of our students!

Congratulations to the following:

Jessica Martinez-Guiterrez, Pricilla Raldiris, Matthew Swan, Grace Giannotta, Samantha Hadler, Kilee Wilkins, Nathan Lichucki, Felicia Means, Victor Dianovsky, Curtis Reeves, Matthew Eden, and Brian Dahlstrand.

Summer is almost here, and that means another opportunity to leave a memory at Walther.

The time is NOW to become a permanent part of Walther by purchasing an engraved paver. You can purchase one on our website by choosing the paver purchase option to honor your time here at Walther, thank a parent for sending you here, thank a teacher or honor a memory.
Pavers are $200 each.
Please click on the link below to review our latest Annual Report! And enjoy our clean, professional new website!
To Our Donors...
Walther would not exist without you!

To all ALUMNI: We are asking every one of you, regardless of where you are in life, to consider including Walther Christian Academy in your will.
Leaving a legacy at Walther means that more students will experience the joy of attending a school that truly cares about them and that your legacy will be helping students tomorrow.

Please contact Sally_Ruecking@WaltherAcadamy.org to discuss your wishes.