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Labor Day Holiday- No School Sept. 2

Dr. Steve Martinez 
Safe Haven School District

Dear Twin Rivers Families,

Two years ago the Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. 630, reaffirming our commitment to ensure that Twin Rivers Unified School District remains a Safe Haven - committed to the success of all students irrespective of their immigration status ... 

District Budget 101

To ensure the fiscal health of our district, we have taken a number of decisive steps to make sure that our limited funds are serving students and taking care of employees. We have implemented $16.9 million in budget reductions since the 2018 school year - $7.2 million in 2018-19 and $9.7 million for 2019-20.

Unfortunately, that is not enough to eliminate the District's long-standing structural deficit.

District Budget 101 Letter to the TR School Community.

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