We are the Power of Change!
Massive changes are happening all around us all the time. It seems especially intense this year; the year of stepping into our spiritual mastery! In the face of impending change I've often said, "We can ride the wave of change if we embrace the ocean." But, there's no need to ride the wave because We Are The Ocean! The percent of water in the human body is the same as the percent of water that covers the surface of the earth. And, there's no need to panic when we hear that Mercury is going into retrograde, We Are Made of Stardust. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson so eloquently put it, "We are in the universe and the universe is in us." We benefit from fauna and flora, and when the soul releases the body it's fauna and flora that will benefit from our body. We're not connected to nature, We Are Nature! Everything in nature is found within us, and when we're in alignment with our organic nature we are home in our being. We experience a natural flow of life. Regardless of the challenges, we move forward with ease and grace knowing everything is here to help us grow, and that everything is in divine order. And, it is innate wisdom, our "knowing", that guides us along this amazing journey of the Soul from the perspective of a mindful observer understanding that the power of change is within each and every one of us.

Since we're all a part of the same "oneness", we influence nature just as nature influences us. In a 2011 video regarding our awakening, Deepak Chopra stated that if everything is consciousness, this must mean that when there is turbulence in the collective consciousness, we may actually be creating turbulence in the natural world. Think about that for a moment! Let's consider also consider what's been happening with the Schumann Resonance, known as the heartbeat of the Earth. For years it's been pulsating at 7.83 hz per second. This same 7.38 hz is also the frequency of the human alpha brainwave. In recent years Schumann Resonance has been spiking with many believing this is a reflection of the rise in human consciousness. As we shift in our hearts and in our consciousness we set off a chain reaction that perpetuates change in our environment. I believe the frequencies, energies and vibrations for the most part have always been present. As we're remembering who we are, and living it, we're becoming more and more open to being in alignment with our natural Beingness, thus opening the divine portals for the frequencies to come flooding in. These higher frequencies interact with us on a deep level that is now palpable to us.

We're all in this dance together, creating our own rhythm that resonates with the rhythms of Gai, her inhabitants, and the multi-universe. If we could but honor this divine partnership while embracing the Master beings that we are, we'd understand that we are the power of change. We can absolutely decide if we want to be adversely affected by a celestial event such as Mercury in retrograde. We always have a choice. But all too often we think we're powerless. "We are what we think." -we hear this phrase often! We know it, but maybe we don't practice it often enough in a manner that reflects our mastery! Think mastery, feel mastery, be mastery, live mastery, act masterful! We know we're more than these physical bodies. So, when we hear "high frequencies-- incoming", do we duck and hide? No, we masterfully acknowledge this divine event, honor our experience with it, and channel it for our highest good and the good of all. Let's intend it to flow through us with ease and comfort so we can use it most efficiently for the benefit of Gaia and her inhabitants. As always, it's a choice. Life itself can be a dance or a dirge. Personally, I think dance is what keeps life moving at a high vibration!

Here's a lovely practice:  
Take a few deep and centering breaths. Bring your attention to the place just below your navel, and imagine that you have found yourself in a very peaceful garden. You can make this garden the most beautiful place you have ever seen. Create flowing brooks and peaceful ponds, flowers and shady trees. Make it a place that you will long to come back to again and again. Allow yourself to relax and absorb the peace and beauty of this garden. Give yourself time to meet with your guardian Angel and with your Higher Self to receive all the wisdom, guidance and love that you need.
It may take a little practice to find this peaceful place within yourself, but after only a few balanced breaths, it won't be long before you will be able to go there without effort. When you give yourself this time of quiet, you will notice that your outer world will not have the power to pull you away from this still place of Peace. This is true stability. It is from this still point within that you will be able to live in this time of change and not feel alone or abandoned. You will be able to connect deeply with the support you need.

Like a wheel whose spokes appear to revolve very quickly, but whose center has quiet movement connecting all the links around it, this revolution of stillness within you will transform your outer world into one of Harmony, Love and Peace.
Remember to ask for this stillness. If you feel attracted to it, ask for the experience of a peaceful garden. Most of all, ask for your personal connection to the Source of all life. It all begins with you, with your thoughts, and with the balanced breath that is your connecting link. It is all there for you if you but give yourself the time.


As you continue to expand 
into heart consciousness, and step into the light 
of your own divinity may the magic and wonder 
of life be your constant companion!!

Rev. Barbara

Rev. Barbara
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I AM Not My Body!


In Spiration

 African deity of wind, storms and sudden change

Oya ~ Change
"I work in ways deep
ever present
always moving.
I work in ways dramatic
with thunder and lightning
sweeping and uprooting.
I work in ways subtle
pushing and prodding
wearing and tearing.
I swirl you and 
twirl you.
I splatter you and scatter you.
I shock you and 
rock you.
I clear the way for what is to come.
I can be slight or stupendous
brief or long lasting
uproaring or uprising
What I can't be is ignored"