March 24, 2020
Because of you, we surpassed the $4,500 goal in just 4 hours!
In 4 short hours, online donations exceeded $6,700!!!

Thanks to you, we have already been online and have purchased the needed incubators for the baby birds that we will be treating in the coming days, weeks and months. The incubators are scheduled to arrive at our doorstep soon. And YES, we will send pictures!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude! Your support in what seems to be the worst of times, has me humbled beyond measure. Your compassion for others and the fellow living beings with whom we share this Earth lifts my spirits and gives me strength and fortitude during these difficult times. THANK YOU!

Since we exceeded our goal by an amazing $2,200, the money not used for incubators will be put to great use on food for the hungry babies who will be shortly filling our hospital. In the coming weeks, we will have an average of 400 hungry mouths to feed at any given time—and that means a lot of mealworms, formula and other foods! The quantity needed is incredible; last year we went through almost one million mealworms just feeding songbirds! This year, with shelter-in-place orders and deliveries taking longer, it’s more important than ever that we are prepared, and you are making that happen. Thank you!

If you didn’t get a chance to donate—and want and have the ability to make a life-saving difference—know that your gift today will ensure baby birds get the care they need during the upcoming months.

Your overwhelming response has shown me that there is no such thing as “social distancing”. It is merely “physical distancing”. Although you are not physically present, you have shown me you are here in spirit.

With all my heart,

Ashton Kluttz

Executive Director
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You make this life-saving work possible. Thanks to you, this year alone approximately 3,000 native wild birds will have a second chance at life. Thank you for your generosity and support!
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