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June 11,  2015
Dear Friends and Allies, 

We can act now and we must act now. This has always been a guiding principle for the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International), but in recent months we have begun to feel the heat with ever greater intensity. World governments are meeting in Paris for the UN COP21 in six short months, working to finalize a climate agreement that will effect our global trajectory in a profound way. As a network of international Climate Women, there has never been a more important moment to raise our voices and mobilize for just, equitable, and transformational change.

This newsletter provides a glimpse into WECAN International's efforts to foster climate justice, women's leadership, and respect for the Earth's ecosystems at this critical time, both in policy circles and on-the-ground with women and frontline communities worldwide. From Climate Solutions Trainings in the DR Congo and Middle East/North Africa region, to advocacy work with Indigenous allies in Latin America, and efforts to create a collective voice and action network of U.S women through our new 'U.S. Women's Climate Justice Initiative', we are amping up our efforts and invite your ongoing participation.
'Women For 100% Renewable Energy' Training Session Recap

On June 2nd and 4th, WECAN International's 'US Women's Climate Justice Initiative' presented Women for 100% Renewable Energy: From Installation to Advocacy,  the first in a series of free on-line education and advocacy trainings.

Training topics included: solar installation- including programs for low income women, clean energy policies worth fighting for at a local and national level, the meaning of a just transition to renewables, how to reclaim local power and support decentralized clean energy, how to address over-consumption by " living well, not more", and other timely topics.

Details on the material covered in the training, including copies of speaker presentations and other resources, can be found in the blog article available here.

Please visit our website for details on future trainings, and click here to register for U.S Women's Climate Justice Initiative updates and calls to action. Our next session, 'Health and Climate Change: What Is At Stake, What Can Be Done?' will be held June 23 and 25. 
WECAN International Regional Climate Solutions Trainings
Democratic Republic Of Congo Climate Women Take On Deforestation & Clean Energy NeedsDRCtrain

WECAN International and local partner SAFECO recently held the third in a series of Climate Solutions Trainings for Indigenous women of the  Itombwe rainforest region in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Training sessions focused on forest guardianship and conservation, including several practicums on tree nursery management, reforestation, and Improved Cooking Stoves. Participants have also formed conservation committees to share their knowledge with other community members, and to create a collective voice against illegal timber and charcoal production in the region.

Click here to view the video created by participants and to read all about this inspiring and productive training on our blog.
mena Women From Across The Middle East/North Africa Region Unite At WECAN Training
"Women are a force to be reckoned with, it is time to join together to make this force work towards climate action,"  
- Imene Hadjer Bouchair
 WECAN MENA Region Program Co-Coordinator

Thirty five participants from across the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region united for four days of an online WECAN training aimed at building the capacities of local women to lead climate change solutions, and to confront the social injustices inherent in the climate crisis. Topics included the renewable energy shift,  the MENA region water crisis, biodiversity, food security, Rights of Nature, and climate education through networking, social media, messaging, and storytelling. 

For more insights into the training,  read Imene Hadjer Bouchair's blog here.
Gaza Women Address Climate Change In Palestine

After being inspired by the curriculum and her experience participating in a WECAN MENA region training,  Amal A. Shaikhah of Palestine decided to organize a training for women in her community. The powerful event focused on the role of rural woman in addressing climate change in the Palestinian territories. 
inaction  Climate Women In Action  
Update From WECAN Latin America wecanLA

                                                                                                     WECAN's Coordinator for Latin America, Kiyomi Nagumo, has been hard at work organizing and supporting frontline women across her home country of Bolivia and beyond. In addition to incredible work on-the-ground with Indigenous and grassroots women, Kiyomi has taken the lead representing WECAN and the Latin American region at several high level U.N. conferences over the past few months.

Click here to read Kiyomi's blog about 'Solar Grandmother'Maria Vani of the Mosetén nation, who is the first Indigenous solar engineer from her Nation trained at the Barefoot College in India.

WGCBonnWomen & Gender Constituency In Bonn

WECAN International stands in solidarity with our allies from the Women and Gender Constituency currently in Germany for the Bonn Climate Change Conference. They are advocating with the newly released  WGC Position Paper On The 2015 New Climate Agreement, which you can read about and download here.
itstimenowWECAN International At The Regional It's Time 2015 Conference

WECAN International Co-Founder and Executive Director, Osprey Orielle Lake, presented at the regional It's Time 2015 conference in California this May.  Osprey discussed how a global system which focuses on profit above people and planet is imperiling the very web of life itself, and reflected on the myriad of ways that women around the world can and are leading the way in challenging and transforming this destructive system. You can read Osprey's full speech here.
Indigenous women of the Itombwe rainforest at a WECAN Climate Solutions training in the DRC
U.S Women's Climate Justice Initiative Online Training Schedule

June 23 & 25-  Health & Climate Change: What Is At Stake, What Can Be Done

July 8-  Women On The Frontlines of Climate Change: Resistance & Solutions

July 28-  Rights Of Nature & Community Rights: Protecting & Defending The Places We Live

Click here for information on how to join. All sessions offered at no cost.

Download The Women's Climate Action Agenda

Click here  for background information on the Action Agenda and our advocacy work, then  download the full document here. 

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Indigenous women of the Itombwe rainforest at a WECAN Climate Solutions training in the DRC
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Kiyomi Nagumo, WECAN Latin America Coordinator
Solar Grandmother, Maria Vani of Bolivia

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