Clawbacks Are Costing Us Too Much:
Pass HB2193-SB582!

As you know, clawbacks, or retroactive claim denials, are when an insurance company denies a claim for a service already rendered . That means insurance companies will seek already spent money from that provider. Often, this money is docked from providers' future sessions, because the up front cost can be anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

This isn't about medical necessity-- this is about unfairly docking behavioral health providers (often solo practitioners) and their often vulnerable clients because the insurance companies can. Many of the providers being impacted serve MassHealth recipients who have nowhere else to turn. We think this is an abhorrent practice and have been working diligently with our partners in behavioral health to limit this, as 24 other states have already done.

That's why we support HB2193 - SB582 ; a bill that would limit these clawbacks to a 6-month window, (the current window is up to two years).

We have the opportunity to pass this crucial piece of legislation, but we need your help contacting legislators before February 7, 2018 , the deadline for when bills must be reported from committee.
Call your State Representative and State Senator use the following script:

"Hi, My name is _________ and I am a constituent of Rep/Sen ______. I am also a social worker who has been affected by clawbacks from insurance companies. This practice has cost me approximately $_______ and I'm worried I won't be able to continue to see my patients or keep my practice open.
Feel free to edit this sentence with your own experience/frustrations regarding clawbacks. *If you haven't directly been affected, tell them you think this is a terrible practice that costs providers thousands of dollars.

The ask:
"It's really important to me that this bill be enacted this year, as a 6-month window would limit the amount of money they can claw back from clinicians, like me, who provide life-saving behavioral health and substance abuse services.
For Reps: Will Representative ____ reach out to Chairman Michlewitz and ask him to report House Bill 2193 out favorably?
For Senators: Will Senator ____ reach out to Chairman Eldridge and ask him to report Senate Bill 582 out favorably?

If your legislator is either Rep. Michlewitz or Sen. Eldridge, your ask is simple: "Please report this bill out favorably from your committee!"

Thank you for your advocacy,

Sophie Hansen
Political Director
If you have any questions, please contact me at: