Wow. Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful donors we have now raised over $14,000 and all by lunch time! When you add in our $5,000 matching gift that mean we've raised  $19,000 for our families! We are now well over  50% of our goal and are completely blown away!

But wait -- we have even more good news!!
Our generous supporter is so excited about our progress so far that they would like to increase their match by another $5,000 so we can continue to keep even more families close this year!

Your support today means that when a sick child wakes, his mom can be there to hold his hand. Dad can be there to give his little girl a goodnight hug. Brothers and sisters can be nearby and tease, play and do all of the that things families do. Most importantly, making that child feel safe, secure and loved.

Today, we set out with a goal of raising $29,000 this #GivingTuesday. We are now over half way there. Will you help us make it to the finish line?

Please consider making your year-end gift today to double your impact and help keep families close when they need it most. 
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