Life Choices - September/October 2020 edition
The Science of Loving Children

As a former science teacher Diane loves teaching the children about God's creation.
Defending Your Pro-Life Views

Friends of BsideU gathered virtually and at watch parties to say “we stand with you” during our annual benefit event. 
Going Mobile

Our mobile unit will be rolling in
the first quarter of 2021!
We Appreciate You

We love our volunteers! Read about how we showed our appreciation this year in a COVID approved way.
Prayer & Praise

We are praising God for:
  • Church partners and donors who have remained faithful during the pandemic in their support and involvement 
  • Our client Cassey’s (& her new husband Steven’s) wedding here at BsideU 
  • New clients in Life Skills classes
  • A client’s latest ultrasound on her baby girl revealing the disappearance of 3 cysts 
  • Saved babies!! 

We Pray for:
  • Babies that are due In the next few months 
  • Rest and refreshment for staff taking vacations and sabbatical 
  • Staff with aging parents and in-laws to be able to provide helpful support and that caregivers would provide companionship they can't get from family in the normal ways during the pandemic 
  • Mobile ministry - that during the first quarter of 2021 we will have all the parts lined up, feel good about the launch and where we are headed with it in our community, and have sufficient funds to operate as planned 
  • Staffing needs - that the Lord would bring the right team members at the right time to keep the ministry moving forward 
  • For increased client traffic in both the pregnancy center and Life Skills 
  • Wisdom in how we celebrate the holidays with clients during the pandemic 
  • Church partners and donors who haven't been able to support us in recent months to be able to re-join our pro-life efforts in 2021