Spotlight Bulldog:
Meet Piper

Piper stated: “At 6 months old, I thought I could fly. I thought I could touch the sky. Turns out, I can't fly and I don't have wings. I learned this the hard way. I tried flying from the sofa to the chair, and ended up hurting myself. You may see some missing fur on my left knee... yep, that's where I had surgery to repair a luxating patella.

Because I am just a puppy, I also like to put a lot of things in my mouth that aren't really good for me. When Dr. Larsen did some X-rays, she saw some strange looking things. Turns out, I had a bunch of rocks in me that were causing a blockage and after several procedures, I'm proud to say I am now rock-free! I always had plenty of food to eat... rocks just seemed like a good snack, I guess.

I also was born with moderate hip dysplasia and my right hip is no longer in the socket. So I have now had a FHO (femoral head osteotomy) to ensure I can have a great quality of life. I also have some moderate paralysis in my back making it hard for me to walk.”

Because of her disability we needed some special new wheels for Piper? And because of our generous donors we were able to get her a standard rear wheel cart from Eddie's Wheels ( ). They run in price from $355-650. These are custom made to fit the dog and would be built to the measurements of Piper!

The first cart she had was purchased by her foster momma who ordered it online, but unfortunately, it didn't give Piper the support her body needed to walk properly. Eddie's Wheels are designed to allow normal range of motion so that dogs can "rehabilitate, gain muscle mass, and use their carts as they age."

Piper might need to get her right leg partially amputated in the future and the chair could still work with that. We're also not giving up on her underwater treadmill therapy sessions! We're doing all we can to give her the best future possible.

Thank all of your for your continued support for Piper and all those we rescue.

To learn more about Piper and her background, visit here .