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Wow! What a virtual workshop series! We started the series on May 12, 2020 with Karen Williams speaking on unique vulnerabilities of adolescence and ended on July 30, 2020 with Elizabeth Didlake speaking on building parental support for low risk choices. Why are we talking about these workshops? They would not have happened with YOU!!

Rainbow Days Training hosted 10 speakers featuring 23 unique workshops with 1006 participants! We learned so much about Zoom and virtual hosting, the best being we were able to see many of you multiple times during these 12 weeks. Amid these workshops, we hosted our very first “forum,” Beyond Surviving: Successfully Navigating Our New Realities, with 170 of you in attendance! It was moderated by Rainbow Day’s CBSG® Program Developer and Director of Training, Cathey Brown. We gleaned wisdom and knowledge from our panelist, Darius Campinha-Bacote, PsyD in the DFW Metroplex, Susan Hoff, Chief Strategy, Impact & Operating Officer-UW Metropolitan Dallas, and Eric Sanchez, CEO ADACCV. We would never be able to accomplish this with in-person trainings and workshops – a silver lining of COVID, for sure! A huge shout out to our team member, Wendi McMullen, who kept us organized, rehearsed, and looking and sounding our best on Zoom.

Our Speakers were phenomenal! In alphabetical order: Cathey Brown, Darius Campinha-Bacote, Kathy Daley, Jill Darling, Elizabeth Didlake, Michaela Flores, Wendi McMullen, Kathleen Nelson-Simley, Krystal Skaggs, and Karen Williams. Their topics were tangible, thought-provoking, and timely. They challenged us to take time for self-care, care of our own families, and care for those we serve. Some of these Speakers were new to our team and some we bring back as often as possible.

During the awakening of prevention education nationwide, I met Kathleen Nelson-Simley when I first joined the Rainbow Day’s Training team in 2001. I attended her Training of Trainers for All Stars, a family of research-based proven prevention curriculum. I had the opportunity to not only implement this fantastic program, but train others throughout Texas to facilitate the program for many years. As the tides of prevention waned and funding altered in Texas, she became the nationwide trainer for All Stars. We stayed in touch throughout the years when we were able and through good ole Facebook. I had the opportunity earlier this summer to attend a webinar she hosted on Restorative Practices. It was a wonderful awakening for me and a true godsend. I knew after we reconnected, I wanted to ask her to facilitate a workshop. This summer she reminded us of the importance of having a positive influence on our students that lasts for years. If you missed her workshop, we discussed our memories of impactful teachers and mentors and how to be a positive impact for students we serve.

Kathleen also writes a weekly blog. I have intentionally linked to her July 2020, Making the Impossible Seem Possible. In this blog Kathleen shares a great resource she is allowing me to share with you. Her blog beautifully explains the Imagine Journals. Follow the above link. As you read and scroll through her insights, you will see she has uploaded the four adaptations offered: Kinder-Grade 2, Kids, Teens, and Adults. One reason I liked these so much is the focus on hope. We all can use an extra dose of hope these days, I know I can. I have printed the adult version for me to use during some much-needed self-care time!

None of our Speakers failed to offer insights, reflections, experiences, and resources expressing their life passions and desires to make a difference in our world. I see our team of Speakers as lifelong learners who have a commitment to sharing their fervor with others. We are truly blessed! And it is YOU, participants, who we gratefully prepare more offerings for in the coming months. We hope to “see” you soon!

Kathy Daley                                                                                                                                         
Rainbow Days Training Manager

Note: I would like to continue highlighting Speakers from this summer. Shoot me a quick email to let me know who and what made an impact on you. Also, if you have ideas on future topics, please let me know!
You don’t find many people with a 30-year work history at the same agency! But, we have been blessed by Sandi McFarland!! And, the same year we celebrate her 30th, we celebrate her retirement. We know she will have a “crafty” time as she continues to use her gifts and talents of creating for years to come. 

(If you’d like to send Sandi a good-bye message, please email it to info@rainbowdaystraining.org.)
Have you intended to purchase the new editions of the CBSG® Program Facilitator Manuals and just haven't gotten around to it. Don't be late!!! Our COVID 1/2 price sale ends Monday, August 31st. (Most manuals on sale for $75 each.) To order or receive an order form, email info@rainbowdaystraining.org
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CBSG® Program Facilitator Connection

Join us for our FIRST CBSG® Program Facilitator Connection meeting on Wednesday, September 16th** from 11:00-11:45 a.m. CT. We will discuss strategies for virtual implementation. Come connect with the Developer, Trainers, and fellow CBSG® Program Facilitators. And, we don't want you to miss out on a Spotlight Moment success story. Attendance is FREE. Be on the lookout of registration information COMING SOON!

Please email any questions or concerns to be answered in upcoming meetings to info@rainbowdaystraining.org.

**Since you're marking your calendar, our monthly meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month: October 14th, November 18th, and December 16th. Same time, same station!
Virtual Workshops

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Virtual CBSG Program Facilitator Training

DATE - October 13, 2020 - Registration Open - Training prices are increasing on September 1st so register NOW for October!

Kids’ Connection, Youth Connection, and Kids’ Connection, Too (collectively known as the CBSG® Program ) are unique, interactive, multi-cultural curriculum-based prevention interventions that teach high-risk children and youth ages 4-17 a set of essential life skills: skills to help them learn how to cope with difficult family situations (which include Adverse Childhood Experiences), resist negative peer pressure, set and achieve goals, and refuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

This training is designed to fully prepare schools, community-based organizations, churches, juvenile justice divisions, volunteers, and other youth service professionals to fully implement the CBSG Program with fidelity. 

Those completing this training will receive their choice one of the CBSG Program Facilitator manuals:
  • Kids’ Connection for ages 4-12 in Schools and Communities
  • Youth Connection for ages 10-17 in Schools and Communities
  • Kids’ Connection, Too for Ages 4-15 in Homeless & Domestic Violence Shelters, Group Homes & Other Transitional Living Environments

Please contact us at info@RainbowDaysTraining.org for more information!
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