Chamber Helps Pass A Major Infrastructure Package
Action Alert
 Chamber Calls for Urgent Action on Debt Limit

On Wednesday, July 5, the legislature passed a major infrastructure package for which the Yorba Linda Chamber and the New California Coalition has been advocating since it was proposed by Governor Newsom in May.

This package of 10 budget trailer bills includes $180 billion in investments over the next decade to address the state’s aging
infrastructure, create jobs, and help meet ambitious climate goals. It will create an estimated 400,000 good-paying jobs in construction and related fields. 
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Why It Matters?

  • This bill includes $180 billion in investments that will boost the economy and address infrastructure throughout the next decade.
Legislative Watch
 AB (CA Assembly Bill) 1347 - Solid Waste: Paper: Proofs of Purchase

AB 1347 was ordered for a third reading while in committee. This bill has several problematic provisions including one which mandates that most businesses providing receipts collect personal information. Specifically, the bill requires businesses offer an electronic receipt if the consumer chooses. It also mandates that businesses give consumers the option to receive a receipt and places limits on the speech that can be included on paper receipts. The Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce is closely monitoring the status of this bill, and will pursue legislative action should the bill proceed through committee.