The difference is that raw and powerful connection from which our personal power is forged ...We have been taught to either ignore our differences or view them as causes for separation and suspicion rather than as forces for change. Without community, there is no liberation, only the most vulnerable and temporary armistice between an individual and her oppression... Survival is learning to take our difference and make them strengths.
–Audre Lorde
Our Annual Urban Harvest Festival was an amazing expression of community. Thank you to everyone who showed up and a special thank you to our sponsors who made it all possible.

What a month we've had at Urban Triage. We had a very successful event. More than 300 people came out on September 17, 2022, to support our Urban Harvest Festival, which was phenomenal. Please check out our photos below.

Shout out to our staff who worked hard to bring it all together. Special shout out to Ruthanna Hutton-Okpalaek, our Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture Program Coordinator. She works tirelessly to ensure our program runs efficiently and effectively, and our agriculture program would not be what it is without her. Again, thanks Ruthanna, for walking in integrity and for being you!

As you may know, Urban Triage does a lot, and we do it well. And it's due to our staff who do the work and believe in the mission of Urban Triage. You can't do this work for the paycheck alone because it won't work. Heart work can't be bought. It has to be felt. Our organization is built on heart work. And heart work is rooted in relationships. This means--for our staff--that there must be reciprocity for it to work because relationships are built on reciprocity; without it, someone will feel undervalued. We show up for the people we serve- including our staff-in unprecedented ways. The folks who value the culture and environment we've created show up in powerful ways in return. Our workspace centers on humanity, making the impossible possible. Check out my interview below with Madison365 for more information on the culture of Urban Triage.

In addition, I would like to invite you to imagine what Madison would look like and feel like if we prioritized the humanity of those most vulnerable. If we put our resources into services and supports that empower and inspire personal growth, change, and development in those who are disenfranchised--imagine the empowerment, confidence, and the opportunities it would create, and the ripple effects. The economy would be better, our schools would be better, and our neighborhoods and communities would be better.

Imagine with us and join the transformation work with Urban Triage by donating, volunteering, and sponsoring programming and/or events.

I appreciate you taking the time to read our newsletter.


Brandi Grayson
Real Talk with Henry Sanders: Unorthodox with Brandi Grayson

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Please share our community engagement session. Receive $100 for 5 hours of your time. You'll answer questions regarding your experience with heat, AC, and green space. Lunch will be provided by Urban Triage's designated caterer Glenda Edwards. If you attended our Urban Harvest Festival, you know the girl can cook!

There are no strings attached. No gimmicks. Come and answer questions. Eat. Laugh. And we'll give you a $100 visa gift card at the end of the session. Scan the QR code above or click the link below to sign up.
Do the movie premiere of Black Panther II right with Urban Triage. 

Popcorn and a drink are included with your movie ticket, plus free entry to our after-party with DJ Pain 1!

Food will be provided, and an open bar. Both are included in your ticket price, and the location will be added by Oct 2nd, 2022.

Pan Africanism is our theme! White is our color. Yeah, we know it's after labor day. And you know Urban Triage is unorthodox, and we do it well. Please wear white and come looking like you are from the motherland as many of us are. The best dress at the after-party will have a chance to win $250!

Celebrate Black Excellence with Urban Triage! Your community nonprofit! Y'all know when we do events, we do it right. Elegant, classy, and intelligently ratchet at the same time!

We are Black Excellence in Action. The red carpet and scavenger hunt will begin at 6:30 PM with prizes and a professional photographer. The movie starts at 7:30 PM, and seats are first-come-first-serve.

It's going down! Our first movie premiere of Black Panther cracked! You don't want to miss this one!
Our Co-Conspirator Sponsor is UW Health. They made the largest donation of $10,000 to ensure our event took place. UW Health has consistently shown up for the work, and we appreciate them.
Thank you, American Family, for being a Support Sponsor! We appreciate your ongoing support of Urban Triage!
Big Ups to Exact Sciences for being a Support Sponsor of our event! We appreciate you.
We've concluded our workgroups for 2022!! We have not nailed down the dates for 2023! However, our waitlists are open. Please sign up below.

If you're unfamiliar with our workgroups--they are designed to support individuals on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. Data shows that when people understand their competency, the impossible becomes possible; when they believe in themselves by developing an understanding of how their mind works and the impact of trauma on how they show up--their life changes. And consequently, relationships with the people who matter the most changes for the good.


Co-Conspirators workgroup is designed to support non-Black people on their journey of healing, self-discovery, and understanding of white supremacy racism. This is not a diversity and inclusion workgroup. This is a new paradigm for understanding and communication.

Supporting Health Black Agriculture is designed to support parents, children, Black farmers, and entrepreneurs. We provide a space for healing, learning, and growing with children and parents. We also provide support and resources to Black farmers interested in expanding their capacity through resources and partnerships.

Supporting Healthy Black Families workgroup is designed to support Black adults in unpacking their trauma, disempowering inner stories and scripts, and replacing them with new ways of being, thinking, and acting. New ways that mend broken hearts and families.

Volunteer with Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture (SHBA)! As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work with our Program Manager, harvesting fall produce and preparing the land for the next growing season. This summer, we've witnessed growth both in nature and in the families participating in this innovative and rewarding program! 

Visit our website to sign up for a workgroup waitlist and to learn more.
Did you know that Urban Triage offers Transformative Education, Equity, and Social Justice Consulting? We offer effective leadership strategies and training regarding deep diversity, equity, and social justice issues that are delivered in a series of sessions with time for application in between each period. Contact us today to further discuss your needs and our offerings in this regard.

Below are some of the areas of consulting offered by our organization:
Short- and Long-Term Training & consulting, Individual Coaching, Strategic Planning and, Mission Development and more!
Brandi Grayson to lead panel on the investor's role in...

Urban Triage founder and CEO Brandi Grayson will moderate a panel titled "The Investor Role In Community Oriented Solutions" on Monday, October 10, the first day of the Wisconsin Leadership Summit. Registration is open now at...

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Registration is open now at
We're looking to hire a Navigation Specialist to offer direct support to women who are vulnerable and in need of family planning resources. The Navigation Specialist will provide field-based case management services and system navigation support. Our goal is to promote positive health outcomes and reduce significant health disparities at the community level.
Apply today, and please share it among your networks!
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