Do you want 8 figure growth or transition for your 7 figure business?
We Didn't Start Out To Be Family Therapists
It just happened. If you're the Owner of a family business perhaps you can relate to this week's message. Working with family business owners is fun, challenging and very rewarding for us. Their business and personal lives are intertwined. More interesting is when you add in partners (and their families) who also own and run the company. 
Are You Already Thinking About Transition?

After speaking with several of my readers and clients about their holiday break, I learned that the common theme was using the time to think. With a nod to Jeff Foxworthy the comic, here is my list.

If you're thinking about running out of time, you might be ready to start transitioning.
You Know, But They Need To

As the Owner, you know all the wonderful things about your company. But that doesn't mean a Buyer automatically does. You will have to tell them. Making someone work for it isn't the smartest strategy. It's not just numbers Buyers need ...
Get The Best Out Of Everyone, 
Excerpt from 'Moving Forward'

When you sell or transition you need to make sure your successor understands the value of getting the best from everyone and you need to help them.
'Meet the Author'
It's Not Easy Transitioning
Your SMB/Family Business

Transitioning a business is a marathon not a sprint. There are many things an Owner can and should do to get the business ready for transition and as desirable as possible for a Buyer. Equally important is for the Owner to prepare themselves for what will be a rollercoaster ride for them both personally and professionally.