4 December 2018
Students from St. Peter's Boys High School on Staten Island bring Thanksgiving bounty.
Greetings from Mr. Gault

Tuesday, 20 November we gathered to celebrate our annual Thanksgiving feast. The faculty and staff worked very hard and prepared a traditional meal of turkey with all the fixings for the nearly one hundred people who gathered for the festivities. A group of students and faculty who traveled from Saint Peter's Boys High School on Staten Island joined the festivities as we all gave thanks for the gift of one another and our Lasallian family. Our guests did not arrive empty handed but in true spirit of Thanksgiving arrived with a basket of food for each student here at The De La Salle School. A very special thank you to Mr. Salvatore Castellano and Mrs. Patricia Calchi, who organized this project at Saint Peter's and for taking the time to navigate the Belt Parkway and bring their students out to Long Island to celebrate Thanksgiving with our kids. A blessing indeed!
We began our celebration with a beautiful prayer service prepared by Mr. Salvatore Castellano. The rest of the time was spent sharing stories and getting to know more about each other and our respective schools. A great day was had by all and was another reason to give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us and our greater Lasallian community.  In addition to our Lasallian family from St. Peter's, we were pleased to welcome our Auxiliary Visitor, Brother Richard Galvin, FSC, for our Thanksgiving feast and fellowship.
An affirmation of the success of our ministry was evidenced Saturday, 24 November when several graduates of The De La Salle School gathered at a local football field for a game of flag football. They then returned to the school where they shared a Thanksgiving meal as brothers in the Lasallian family. Organized by our director of Graduate Support, Mr. Kevin Rall, this celebration has also become an annual tradition and cause to give thanks to God. Please pray that God will continue to bestow many blessing on the ministry of The De La Salle School and all of her graduates.
Please be assured of our continued prayers for each of you as we begin this season of Advent and prepare with great joy for the birth of our Lord and Savior this Christmas season. We ask that you pray for each of our students and the continued success of the mission of The De La Salle School.
Prayers and best wishes always.
William L. Gault
Executive Director
Scenes from the Thanksgiving Feast
at The De La Salle School

Special Thank You to Student Photographers, Stanley, Richard and Ovidio!!
Alumni Gather for Their Thanksgiving Feast and Football

Week of 12 November

Word of the Week - armistice (n.) -  temporary stopping of open acts of warfare by agreement between the opponents; truce (laying down of weapons).

Gentleman of the Week - Jaime A., 8th Grade
Writer of the Week - Victor C., 5th Grade
Artist of the Week - Randy L., 8th Grade

Week of 19 November

Word of the Week - providence (n.) - a looking to, or preparation for, the future; the care or benevolent guidance of God.

Writer of the Week - Miles Crosby, Regis High School, volunteer mentor and tutor

Week of 26 November

Word of the Week - publication (n.) -  something made to communicate with the public, usually printed on paper, but online publications are delivered via the Internet (like the Dispatch!)

Gentleman of the Week - Christian P., 6th Grade
Writer of the Week - Brayan E., 7th Grade
Artist of the Week - Edward S., 8th Grade
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