November 27, 2019
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Presbytery Pledge
We Give Thanks: Notes in Transition

Thanksgiving is upon us, bringing intense memories from the past - one of my cousins has just written on Facebook of our grandmother's holiday baking rituals; she baked throughout the year, but some things she saved for the season - and bringing anticipation too. We are awaiting the arrivals of family members, children, their spouses, and grandchildren, including the youngest, on his first visit. I am about to start making the dressing, a job that became mine when I compared someone else's with my mother's one too many times. 

I am thankful for much I have experienced with you in the past year, worship in churches of all sizes, invitations to preach, glorious singing (maybe the best part of a presbytery meeting). I am grateful for the hours many of you as volunteers devote to the work of our committees and organizations, especially our hardworking Commission on Ministry, our Examinations Committee, the Church Growth Committee, the Mission Committee, the Hunger Task Forces, the Peace and Justice Task Force, and more. Our implementation team and search committees for new staff have already spent lots of time pursuing the vision of a new shape for our ministry, and much work lies ahead of them still - we thank them. I am thankful for what members of our staff do and for the ministry we have shared, including with those colleagues who are no longer with us in former capacities. I have expressed thanks in this space for the recent moving experience I had with presbytery members and members of some of our churches on the civil rights pilgrimage to Alabama. 

Our friend and colleague (and my predecessor) Sam Marshall reminded us from time to time that it is impossible for feel anxious and grateful at the same time. Research demonstrates that gratitude is the cure for anxiety. Think of those to whom you ought to give thanks and think of the things for which you feel grateful, and let those thoughts and memories shape your life and relationships. 

On this Thanksgiving we thank God for every blessing we have received, above all for becoming one of us in Jesus Christ. And we thank God for a call and a calling, for work to do and friends and colleagues with whom to walk the road into the future. I am thankful for what you do for Salem Presbytery. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grace and peace!

Steve Scott
Transitional General Presbyter
We Grow In Support of Salem Presbytery

Ministry Leaders and Pastors,

Thank you for sharing your appreciation for Salem Presbytery and Christian Stewardship at the last Presbytery Meeting.  You shared some great stories and ideas.  It was so inspiring to hear how Salem Presbytery had reached out and helped each congregation. We even shared an abundance of leftover Halloween candy! Most importantly you rekindled for us all energy and passion for the shared ministry that is Salem Presbytery.

We also asked something monumental of you. We asked for each one of our churches to come together and make up the difference in our budget for 2019. We are asking for $120,000.00 that we had to pull from reserves above the planned budget. For some congregations, that means catching up on your pledges or your regular annual giving. For others, it means making an additional gift here at the end of the year. For some congregations, it is simply a request to give anything at all. At the meeting, we asked for you to think of a number, pray about it, and to write it down to take home with you. That was the easy part. 

The hard part comes next. Now, we are challenging you to talk to your pastors and your church leadership about that number. We are asking for you to be bold enough to ask them to help Salem Presbytery. We want you to share some of the stories you heard and some of the great ideas lifted up during the meeting. Try our strategy! Have the whole church spend a few minutes reflecting on the ways the Presbytery has made a difference in your church. Invite your members to make an extra gift in honor of your pastor. Find ways to get more members involved in the work of the presbytery. Ask for matching donors to support Presbytery's mission. Find a way to do it differently than simply asking those faithful finance volunteers to figure out how to do more than the budget would ever allow. Find a way! 

And the good news is if you're having trouble finding that way, you now have Salem's Stewardship Committee to help. Feel free to call on us. (Follow the links below to email.)

Kim Priddy, Sedgefield (Committee Co-chair)
Kyle Goodman, Alamance (Committee Co-chair)
Ken Broman-Fulks, High Point First
Myles Fish, Greensboro First
Bill Hoyle, Clemmons
Jeff Sockwell, Shallowford
Stephanie Williams, Burlington First

Update From Implementation Team

Inlighten Your Congregation?

Consider taking advantage of Inlighten Films for use in worship or educational activities. Produced by award-winning filmmakers, they are based on the lectionary, with more being added to the library all the time. The first five churches in Salem to subscribe will receive a 50% discount. See the link to Inlighten Films and the linked brochure as well. 

Salem Online Resources

Take advantage of this handy resource, to which you have access through the Salem Presbytery website. As our staff grows smaller, and as fewer are available to answer the phone, you will find this directory easier to use (password = clemmons3950) than calling the presbytery to get phone numbers and email addresses of committee members or others you want to be in touch with. If using a list you received an email that bounces back, check the directory.

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Mission Leaders In Salem Presbytery

Salem Presbytery is compiling a list of "Mission Leaders" in each of our congregations. We seek contact information for mission committee chairs, mission coordinators (staff or volunteer), or those excited about the mission of the church. Click the link below to add your info. 
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Become a Peace and Justice Church!

Become and Peace and Justice church! Let your Salem Presbytery Peace and Justice Task Force help, inspire, equip, and send you on a journey. Contact Frank Dew at the link below.
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