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"We Got This"

From caregiving to cleaning to camaraderie with co-workers, residents and families, Pathway to Living team members “got this” when it comes to promoting safety and wellbeing during these challenging times.
During National Nurses Week (May 6-12) and the 51 weeks in between, Pathway to Living applauds and celebrates the amazing 60-plus nurses who care for our residents.
In today’s new normal, Stoney River team members are doing a  super job  of keeping our residents healthy, engaged and connected.
Stoney River Marshfield Team Members (above)
 “Here’s a shout out to all of you angels who are taking care of our mother. She loves being there (Stoney River). Keep up your awesome work. You are the heroes!”
~ Sue Wilcott
Super Steve , Stoney River Marshfield maintenance assistant, bus driver and now dumpster diver, saved the day for resident Alayne .

“Steve is my hero!”  said Alayne  
“I left my hearing aid on a napkin, forgot it was there and threw it away. By the time I realized what I had done, housekeeping had already taken my garbage. I told Steve what happened and, bless his heart, he went outside, dug through all the garbage and found it!”
Stoney River Ramsey housekeepers, Super Ikro and Super Melissa , who thoroughly clean and disinfect the community, are real life heroes to residents.
Super Betty’s smile is her superpower! She greets all those who live, work and visit Stoney River Marshfield with a warm welcome day in and day out.

Happy 80th Birthday, Bill!
While being physically all together wasn’t possible, Bill felt the birthday love with well wishes from Stoney River Ramsey friends and neighbors, a mobile Happy Hour and a live, doorway rendition of “Happy Birthday” performed by Sybil on the keyboard.
The Joy of Staying Connected

Stoney River Marshfield resident Pat thoroughly enjoyed connecting with family through a window visit and a FaceTime call!

You can enjoy family time too!
Schedule a virtual or in person visit.
Call Stoney River Marshfield at (715) 207-6423
or Stoney River Ramsey at (844) 472-0145.
Social Distance Fitness
Stoney River Ramsey residents Joyce and Shelley enjoy fresh air and company – from six feet apart – on walks around the community. 
Stoney River Marshfield residents get in their reps with doorway exercise classes.
Wheel of Ramsey

Step right up and spin

Residents played to win a prize, tell a joke, hear a joke, do a dance or watch a dance. Against the odds, Life Enrichment Aide Julie and VIVA! Life Coordinator Kelsey joked that the wheel landed on dancing most often!
Good Mental Health
for Older Adults
Life’s ups and downs bring happy days and sad days. Unfortunately, complications from chronic health conditions, loss of loved ones and other age-related challenges can make it feel like the lows outnumber the highs, especially in one’s later years. These days those lows can be further compounded by the necessity to isolate due to COVID-19, making it harder than ever for young and old alike to look on the bright side and keep spirits up. 


Temporary and permanent positions are available.

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