KHS Receives Million-Dollar Gift for New Veterinary Center
Kitsap Humane Society is thrilled to announce that we have received a million-dollar gift towards the second phase of the shelter’s lifesaving capital campaign project from two generous supporters and Bainbridge Island residents, Russ and Linda Young.

With their gift, the future vet clinic will be named the Russ & Linda Young Veterinary Lifesaving Center, with plans to break ground in 2022 and fully open for shelter and owned-pet care in 2023.

“We moved to Kitsap County 24 years ago, and ever since, we’ve been passionate about helping the pets of Kitsap Humane Society in some form or another. It all started with donating blankets (handsewn by Linda) and a conversation with the Director of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Jen Stonequist, about what we could do to lend a hand,” Russ and Linda Young shared.

“Dogs are at the center of our 41-year marriage. And it has set the stage for every dog we’ve rescued and, ultimately, this gift we want to give in support of KHS and this critical project. Our passion has always been pets and lifting up our community.”
We're Thankful For You This Giving Tuesday
The numbers are in - and wow! We just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU!

On Giving Tuesday earlier this week, we raised more than $51,000 from 240 households and local businesses! 49 of those 240 supporters were first-time donors to KHS! This doesn't include the other generous holiday gifts we've started to receive as we get to the end of 2021.

Your compassion and support are vital and help us continue to serve as more than a shelter for pets and people in need...

Pets like Petunia… Petunia came to us in October suffering from engorged eyes, blindness, deafness, an enlarged heart and heart murmurs, dental disease, and she desperately needed to be groomed.
After examining this sweet, 14-year-old Papillon mix, our vet services team determined the best course of treatment for Petunia was a double-enucleation (removal of the eye), dental treatment, a bath, and nail trimming.

Following her surgery, Petunia has healed well, and the best part is that one of our outstanding staff members, Michele, has adopted her to live out the remainder of her life in loving hospice.

On behalf of the animals, we are so grateful for all you do for animals throughout the year and for your kindness and generosity in this season of giving.

Thank you.
Grant Funding Supports Foster Care, Community Cats & Free Vaccines
The generosity of animal welfare grant makers continues to make a life-changing impact on pets and the people who love them at Kitsap Humane Society.

Here are the most recent ways that animals in our care and community pet owners are being supported through this funding:

Petco Love Vaccine Initiative: KHS is thrilled to be participating in Petco Love's distribution of 1 million free pet vaccines through animal welfare partners to family pets in need. Together, we are taking action to help end life-threatening diseases, preventable by vaccines, in our beloved pets. More information coming soon!

PEDIGREE Foundation: We are honored to be the recipient of a $15,000 PEDIGREE Foundation Program Development Grant. This grant will allow us to increase our capacity to care for dogs in need through more robust foster opportunities.
Community Cat Coalition: KHS is deeply grateful to have been awarded $3,000 from Community Cat Coalition to support our Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program for Kitsap and Mason counties. This funding will support the work of staff and volunteers who go to cat colony locations, transport the cats to the shelter where they will receive the medical care they need before they go back to their colony - all at no cost to the colony caretaker.

Thank you to all of these dedicated and charitable organizations for supporting our pet lifesaving mission!
Holiday Gifts That Give Back to Pets in Need
Support pets in need at Kitsap Humane Society this holiday season! Your shopping will allow KHS to provide lifesaving programs and services for animals in need — including animal sheltering and care, veterinary services, foster care, canine behavior training, and so much more.

Here are a few ways to shop and support animals in need:

How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter
It's that time of year again! The holidays are here and, as always, along with them comes the cold weather.

Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe when the snow starts falling, and temperatures begin to drop this winter:

  • Keep your pets warm and cozy inside! Despite the common belief that animals fur keeps them safe from the elements, cats and dogs are still susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Pay attention to your pet's tolerance for cold temperatures and keep an eye out for signs that they are uncomfortable. Things like age, health, coat, body fat stores, and activity level affect how your pet handles extreme temperatures.
  • Whining, shivering, seeming anxious, slowing down or stopping movement, seeming weak, or searching for warm places to burrow, are signs of hypothermia. If hypothermia occurs, take your pet inside immediately and contact your veterinarian.
  • Check their paws for signs of frostbite or injury, and make sure to wipe off ice and snow after enjoying the outdoors.
  • Keep an eye out for community cats! Keep in mind that they are in search of shelter and may venture into car engines or other unsafe spaces. Visit our blog to learn how to build a small shelter for the cats in your neighborhood!
  • License your pet! Many pets become lost in winter because snow and ice can hide recognizable scents that might normally help your pet find their way back home. Pet licensing improves your chances of being reunited!
2022 KHS Calendars Available Online or In Person
Happy Holidays!
Adorable Adoptables
Meet Montego and Jamaica!
Montego and Jamaica are young, mixed-breed roosters with beautiful coloring on their feathers. They love getting yummy treats and will cluck at you to ask for snacks every time you walk by. Montego and Jamaica would each love a flock of hens to look over and protect. While they came to Kitsap Humane Society together, Montego and Jamaica can be adopted separately or go to the same home if there is plenty of space for them. These handsome boys have waited for a loving barnyard home for over 100 days. Are you ready to make their holiday wishes come true? Adopt Montego or Jamaica today! 
Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Christy Reichhelm!
Christy joined the KHS foster team at the beginning of 2021. Since Christy retired a few years prior, she felt like she had more free time and wanted to give back to the animals in her community. With her first year under her belt, Christy has fostered 17 kittens!  

Christy has jumped into the world of kitten fostering, and all that comes with it! Fostering kittens can be challenging since they are one of the most vulnerable populations we see at the shelter and it often entails administering medications, monitoring kittens closely, and LOTS of clean up – kittens are adorably messy creatures! Thankfully, fostering comes with some serious payoff too. There’s nothing like seeing your foster find their forever home and knowing that you were able to help them get there!  

Christy is a fearless foster mom and will do whatever is needed for her kittens, whether that’s learning how to syringe feed or taking detailed (and very helpful!) notes on her kittens’ potty habits.
Christy's adorable foster kittens enjoy being spoiled with toys and lots of comfy places to nap.
We can always trust Christy will give it her all with every litter of kittens she fosters. And we look forward to seeing Christy grow as a foster and saving many more lives together!

Thank you for all of your compassionate work Christy!
Employee Spotlight
Meet Jen Dupree!
Meet one of our newest team members, Jen! Jen joined our crew in mid-September as our Canine Behavior & Training Assistant. No two days and no two dogs are the same in her world, and Jen works hard to ensure dogs are comfy and more adoptable during their stay with us!

She shares, “I help make sure that every dog we care for is treated as an individual. This means assessing and sometimes rehabilitating dogs in a way that respects their unique emotional, mental, and physical needs.”

Her favorite part? “I love the opportunity to learn while simultaneously providing much-needed services to the animals we meet. I’ve already learned so much from my manager, Sam Z., about canine behavior science, and I love being able to put that knowledge to work right away!”

She says, “I want our community to know that my role in the Canine Training & Behavior Department, as well as all the other roles here at KHS, are to benefit everyone.
It’s our combined efforts that create a healthier, happier shelter experience for the animals and their former and future humans. That healthier, happier experience then spreads into the community at large via fewer strays, safer dog parks, cleaner shared spaces, and happier people! It’s this positive ripple effect from the work we all do here that I’d like our community to know about!”

We couldn’t agree more, Jen! We’re so glad to have you on the team!
Community Spotlight
Kathy Mahan & Don Paulson

This month we're putting our paws together for our fabulous volunteer photographers, Kathy Mahan and Don Paulson! Kathy is an avid volunteer who provides socialization and comfort for animals here at KHS. Don, of Don Paulson Photography, specializes in nature and fine art photography. Every year, Kathy and Don generously volunteer their time and services to photograph our animal friends for our signature events, annual calendar, and more!
"It's for the love of dogs and other pets that we support Kitsap Humane Society," wrote Kathy and Don. "Caring for and saving animals’ lives is a top priority for KHS. We try to help in any way we can by volunteering, fostering, or donating. We also love to help by offering our photographic services."

A big thank you to Kathy and Don for their amazing support and dedication!
Many Thanks to Our Grand Shelter Sponsor:
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