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First and foremost, these California wildfires are no joke. We offer our prayers to those in danger and condolences for every loss. We know surrounding communities are suffering with loss of power. It's during this time of year we're especially reminded why energy independence is so important for anyone at risk of losing power from the grid. Helping customers with energy management is our priority. Please reach out if you need our help!

In lighter news, we cats are so proud to share that Connected Technology has sponsored 20 cat adoptions from Fieldhaven Feline Center! See below for this month's hopeful furry friend!
Happy back to school and stay safe!
Love Bella, Caspian and Shasta
$350 off your new energy storage solution!
We are thrilled to announce that we are Enphase Ensemble Certified which means you have options for home battery energy storage! Start storing that energy for when you need it most!

Get your estimate by Sept 15 and you'll receive $350 off!
Want to see how it works?
Check it out here.
New program for EV chargers
For a limited time starting in fall 2021, PG&E’s Empower EV program will offer special financial incentives to income-eligible household to cover the cost of purchasing or installing electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment. The program extends to qualifying customers in single-family households who have recently purchased or leased an EV within six months prior to applying to the program. Read more here.
Is there a rebate for that?
We created a new webpage just for YOU! Now all the rebates available to you for home energy savings can be found in one place! Ready to save some cash?
Check it out here.
In Our Community
We'll Sponsor This Adoption!
Our rescue cats are an important part of our family and we wish to bless others with the same joy through an adoption sponsorship program at FieldHaven Feline Center.

Agusto was left behind when his family moved away. He loves being around people and being the center of attention. He is aggressive toward dogs and we do not recommend a home with dogs. It is unknown whether Agusto gets along with other cats.
Please contact FieldHaven Feline Center to learn how to adopt this adorable feline.
2754 Ironwood Ln, Lincoln, CA (916) 434-6022
Tesla Charity Ride
This Tesla rally to Lake Tahoe is with both the Sacramento Tesla Club of Sacramento and the Official Tesla Owners East Bay Club. The donation/participation fee will be $100 and 100% will go to the respective charity designated by each club.
More information and registration:
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Let us help you harness the natural energy of the sun and experience energy independence. We'll create a plan specific to your home's needs and you own the system—which means you earn any available tax credits!

Start each day with a full charge. Investing in an EV charger will save you time and give you a tax credit this year! Thinking of adding a second EV to your home? Let's talk about electric load and needing a second charger.

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