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We Have Room For 36 Additional Quilts For Christmas! 
Christmas Quilting Season
There are 25 days until December 24, when we close to celebrate Christmas. We have room to do 36 additional Christmas quilts! These quilts can be custom, edge-to-edge, or basted. Also, there is availability for binding quilts we longarm.

Give us a call to schedule a time to bring in your Christmas treasure for longarming!

Once more, we have an abundance of wonderful designs!

About Our Backlog

We quilt about 600 items per year for our customers. This excludes quilting that we do internally for Raggedy Ruth Designs. For 13 years it has been our philosophy that if one can maintain a 6 month waiting list, then one should be able to maintain a waiting list of a couple of weeks! And, we have been blessed to be successful in meeting our goals.

We add you name to the backlog when you bring in your top to be longarmed. So, please, plan in advance!   

Our Wonderful Quilters!

Our customers are truly wonderful, especially during the Christmas rush. Many who bring in the projects just to get them done during this year will elect to allow others who need their projects for gifts, decorations, etc., to jump ahead of them in line. [Talk about a Christmas spirit!]

The result is that in our 13 years of longarming we have always delivered Christmas quilted items in time and we have always had room for more!

Notes On Preparation & Pricing

If you would like to see our newest brochure on quilt preparation and pricing, Click Here!

A Note on Expediting

We do offer an Expedite service where a quilt that is brought in will be the next one on the machine [for a fee to discourage frivolous use]. So that we can meet our commitments during the holiday season, allowing items to be expedited is solely at our discretion. 
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