We Have a New Website!

When we first faced lock down last year we had a very modest website and only processed about a dozen online orders for books a month. Most of our business was in person.

The day we locked down we went to twenty+ a day and grew.

Our little website was not quite up to the task, and Stephen had to manually enter each order, often keeping him at the store into the wee hours. We are not at all complaining- your support kept us in business and helped you get books to read and gift during the holidays and dark winter.

We were put on the wait list for a new more highly functional website that is from our trade association. A book-centric site that allows us more features and greater flexibility.

If you had told me a year ago I would learn to build a new website, I would have not believed you. Well, here it is. We still have some rough edges to iron out, but we had to let go and launch!

Thank you for believing in us, supporting us by buying your books, cards and gifts from us and attending all those wonderful zoom events with authors from all over.

Steve and I are grateful for your friendship and support of our store & independent bookstores everywhere,