Virtual Fund Raiser Brings in $1 Million

"The first-ever  Virtual Beastly Ball  hosted by actor and comedian Joel McHale took place on May 15 and succeeded beyond our wildest dreams! Attendance was fantastic, with more than 12,000 people participating over the course of the evening, twelve times our record attendance for a "real" Beastly Ball."
Tom Jacobson
Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association President
Virtual Event Success Powered by Remote Live Streaming
Social Distancing does not have to force cancellation of your events. On the contrary, the Los Angels Zoo held their annual fundraiser entirely online, decreasing production costs while exceeding their goal with over $1 million in contributions.

How did they do it? Here's how:

  • Remote Live Streaming solution - a combination of live and pre-recorded content executed from our remote broadcast studio. Joel McHale the live host was at the zoo with a minimal production crew. His segments were sent in real time over the internet to our studio. From there we executed the show without the need for physical contact with anyone. The show producers were able to monitor the show and communicate from their personal laptops.

  • Compelling Video - well thought out, professionally-produced video segments filmed ahead of time on location at the zoo, including statements from zoo executives and animal handlers.

  • Home recorded videos from celebrity actors, public officials, musical performances, and loyal fans.

  • Well-Written Script - Having someone to write, produce, and direct the show is a big plus. The LA Zoo had the benefit of director Tony Randel producing and editing the recorded segments.

  • Advance marketing of the event through social media and email - This is essential for getting people to tune in.
Live + Recorded Content is Key to Virtual Event Success
Actor / comedian Joel McHale hosting the live portion of the Beastly Ball.

Live video creates engagement and adds authenticity to your message.

Recorded video adds polish and emotional impact.

Having both elements in your live stream produces the best each medium has to offer. If you want to see the end result of what we did for the LA Zoo, click the button below:
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