Dear Stevens Alumni and Alumni Families,

We thank everyone who has come forward on the @blackatstevenscoop Instagram account to share individual or structural racism that they have experienced as part of the Stevens community. As a first step in addressing our community’s concerns I am writing to let you know of opportunities that our Black community members will have to share information directly with a consultant that we have engaged to lead a series of focus groups.  

A New York-based nonprofit, Pollyanna , will facilitate a conversation with our Black alumni and Black alumni parents/guardians so that they may share their experiences at Stevens. Please note that Stevens faculty, staff and administrators will not be present in these conversations.
The dates for these sessions are as follows: 
  • Alumni: Thursday, July 30, 5:00-6:30pm, EST
  • Alumni Parent/Guardian: Wednesday, August 5, 5:00-6:30pm, EST
Ryan Ewers, a consultant with Pollyanna and a graduate of a New York City independent school will lead the discussions, listen, facilitate, and gather themes that support institutional learning to be shared with the Stevens Board of Trustees and administration. Kathy Chan, Vice President of Pollyanna will co-facilitate. Kathy has been involved in diversity initiatives for over twenty years including developing several community engagement programs.

If you would like to participate, please complete the registration form below.

Following these initial focus groups, we plan to engage other BIPOC members of the alumni community to share their stories with us.

This has been a challenging time for independent schools as we learn just how deeply anti-Black racism has been affecting our community members and the scars that this bias has left. While some in our communities have felt shocked by the stories now widely shared on social media, for others, they are all too familiar. These incidents of bias are part of our history, however, and we cannot live our mission without facing these truths and committing to the changes necessary to ensure that future generations of Stevens students are not subjected to the same treatment.
I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks and months ahead. 

Sergio Alati Ed.D
Head of School