Trees are wonderful. They beautify our cities, clean our air, and shade the concrete jungle. But some are messy and cause maintenance issues all winter long. Pin Oaks, Red Oaks and Sweetgums hold their leaves past the normal fall leaf drop season and some do not finish dropping their leaves until the new leaves come out in early spring.  As you can see in the pictures above from last week, projects with these trees are still messy even though we have cleaned up leaves repeatedly all fall and winter. Despite our diligence and hard work, they make for messy landscapes and parking lots and all winter long and into the spring.

So, the point you ask. We are sorry that properties with these trees look messy all winter long, but we are diligent in continuing leaf removal throughout. These leaves also often blow in from adjacent properties so some of these leaf problems are from your neighbor's trees. 

The other point is that if you ever have a voice in what tree is to be planted, don't allow these trees to be specified. We have a lot of other trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that are on our blackball list due to their hardiness, required care, insect/disease proneness, and potential damage to your site. We provide free design review to help you avoid problems based on plant choice. Ask us and we will help you ensure you get an attractive design, that is maintainable.
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