Water Team News - July 2017
If you only have time for one item in this newsletter, please watch the video below.  Very Important Information for the water testing teams.  Also of note:  Meagan did this in one take!    

The banner photo above is from the RBC Bluewater Day June 26 which we held at Scout Valley.  RBC is contributing $10,000 to our water quality monitoring efforts this year. 
How To Collect A Water Sample for the Lab
Fortunately it doesn't happen often:  Your sample result turns pink, and you realize you are dealing with an elevated Nitrate-Nitrogen level.  Now what?  Meagan explains what to do in this important video.  Please watch!
Vacation Hours
Dorthea will be away July 17th to 21st and August 14th to 25th.  

Meagan will be in the office during this time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2 to 4 pm and you can contact her at mcoughlin@outlook.com 

You can come in at other times to drop off or pick up equipment, but call the office (705) 326-1620 to ensure someone will be here. 

New Partnership with Orillia Fish & Game
The OF&GCC has taken a strong interest in our water quality monitoring program.  Five of their members took the full day training course May 31st and they will be monitoring three sites along Mill Creek.  Read more...

Comparing our Kit Results with Professional Equipment
We've often wondered how our Lamotte Water Testing Kits stack up against the much more expensive equipment used by the pros.  On May 24th we had the chance to find out!  Read More...

OSS Environmental Studies Program visits Mill Creek
Orillia Secondary School teamed up with the Couchiching Conservancy, Ontario Streams and the Nature Conservancy of Canada on May 16th to study water quality and "Benthic Macroinvertebrates" in Mill Creek at Scout Valley.  Read more...