YESS knows emergency shelter should be the last option for kids, and we work hard to keep kids safe and healthy in their own homes whenever possible. YESS' ICC program gives families access to a team of advocates who walk with families during their struggles with childhood mental health problems, supporting them as they navigate the care and services they need. Each year, ICC connects with over 800 Central Iowa families to provide support, care coordination, and resources to help children stay in their homes and be successful.

When a family member connects with ICC, they are paired with a team that assists the families in navigating their child's mental health diagnosis and life's challenges. From care coordination, family support, and advocacy, YESS' team provides families with understanding and care every step of the way, such as in Tom's case, when behavior concerns in school caused Tom's parents to worry for his success. Tom likes sports and playing basketball with friends, but the 6th grader was having troubles at school that disrupted his learning. Tom's parents were concerned about his behaviors and wanted to make sure he would succeed. But, like many parents, they didn't know where to start.

Tom's parents turned to their ICC Care Coordinator for resources and support. Because of the care coordinator's knowledge of available school resources, she knew an Individual Education Plan would help Tom manage behaviors and find success in school. She helped the parents set up a meeting with the school to discuss an IEP and helped the family during the meeting advocate for Tom's needs and set goals. The support and knowledge of YESS' Care Coordinator helped reduce the parents' concerns for Tom and gave them reassurance that he was being set up to be successful in school. Through this support and advocacy, Tom was able to achieve successes that once seemed out of reach, and the family felt empowered to better advocate for their son.

Whether it is navigating school, medication management, therapy, or juvenile court services, YESS' ICC team is here for families and children every step of the way. Learn more about this wraparound support.