"In Winter, I plot and plan. In Spring I move." ~Henry Rollins
Dinning Out
Feb. 28, 6pm at The Lakeside (7116 NY-3, Pulaski)
2020 Overnight Trip: Kitzhof Inn in Dover, VT July 17-19
We've got enough people to qualify for the group room rate, and there's still room!!

Get more info about the trip, visit our Events Page for the complete low-down.

And, if you'd like to sign-up, contact Dawn (dawnfxchd@yahoo.com, call 315-583-6177, or on the WhatsApp).

And, if you're already going, we've got our own WhatsApp group. To join that see below.
Where should we go?
Our Fall Foliage Ride is all set for September 20th (Rain Date 9/27)... except the question is: Where to Go?

  • Delta Lake State Park by Rome -the same place we went to last year, although we'll take new roads to get there.
  • Forked Lake Campgrounds/Buttermilk Falls -close to Long Lake in the Adirondacks, and is one of the Top 13 Places to Picnic according to "I 💗 NY"
  • Chittenango Falls State Park -located in Central NY, just south of Oneida Lake and boasts a 167-foot waterfall.
Where should we go for our Fall Foliage Ride?
Delta Lake
Forked Lake/Buttermilk Falls
Chittenango Falls
Upcoming Events:

  • Feb. 28, 6pm: Dinning Out at The Lakeside on Route 3 in Pulaski (across from Selkirk Shores State Park)
  • Feb. 29, 11am: Ride Planning Party/Ride Calendar Mtg.
  • March 6-17: Get Lucky Sale -20% off on Barware, Riding Jackets, Gloves and SYN3 Oil Change Kits (first look - not on our website yet! - see below)
  • March 7, 10am: FX Thunder H.O.G.® Monthly Get Together -HOG Thunder Rewards Members will get 100 points for attending
  • March 7, 10:30am - Regional Ride Calendar Meeting hosted by the CVMA at the Carthage VFW
  • March 28, 11am: Let's Connect Workshop -HOG Thunder Rewards Members will get 50 points for attending
Do you have an idea to grow our membership, for an activity or party? You can let Dawn know- email address: DawnFXCHD@yahoo.com
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If you have questions or to make sure you are properly enrolled in the yearly program, you can email , call the shop (315-583-6177) or contact her through the WhatsApp (see below). Miles shown reflect miles earned and entered by a dealer since enrollment into the H.O.G. ®  mileage program and might not reflect all miles ridden.
Interact with other members easily with WhatsApp
If you’d like to join the group, all you need to do is:
  • Go to your smart phone’s app store and search “Whats App Messaging” (look for their green phone logo) and install.
  • Once installed, open and start a chat with Dawn/Irish FXCHD (315-405-7939) -you might have to add her as a contact in your phone.
  • In the chat, let her know your name and that you’d like to join the NNY H.O.G. Group.
  • You’ll see it once she’s added you, and then you’ll be able to reach everybody in just one text, pic, link or whatever else you’d like to share
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