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Facilitating cooperative actions that steward the natural and cultural resources of the Cienega Watershed while enabling sustainable human use

Board of Directors at September retreat:  Mead Mier, Shela McFarlin, Martie Maierhauser, David Scalero; (back) Kelly Mott LaCroix, Trevor Hare, Larry Fisher.  Missing from photo: Tom Meixner.

Photo by:  Annamarie Schaecher, CWP Youth/Outreach Coordinator.


Our Board of Directors thanks you for your response to our challenge. Total results over $2500 in funds and pledges. This will pay a lot of bills!  




The 2014 Annual Meeting and Reception


Did you hear about YES!    


YES! is Youth Engaged Stewardship, a successful program held in 2012 and 2013 at Las Cienegas. The objectives are:


1) to develop leadership skills through a youth board experience;

2) engage youth in public lands and natural and cultural resource management through a student-driven field experience

3) complete a restoration project through student planning, project management, and implementation   



 Of course, teens want to have a bit of fun as well and get a little dirty while accomplishing these objectives.   


The YES! Partners (CWP, Ironwood Learning Tree, Empire High School, and Bureau of Land Management) are now evaluating the results of the 2013 field season based on pre- and post-testing, journals and other comments, and including YES! participants in building 2014.  Besides fine-turning some of the sessions, Partners are now considering how to sustain the efforts, how to continue these efforts before and after the summer work.   Perhaps more volunteer events like the ones that students organized on July 20 (photo below). 


Funding is the biggest issue that 2014 faces with the unknown federal budgets and competing for youth grants. Other issues which YES! has in common with other youth organizations include liability insurance and transportation.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy and YES! Partners are seeking solutions.


To keep up on YES!, go to YES!  



YES! 2013 July 20



CWP Youth Coordinator, Annamarie Schaecher, continues to work with other youth organizations in the watershed to develop common interests.  With support from the BLM, she is developing an Educator's Web site for the Las Cienegas NCA and a separate web page for the watershed as a whole to share educational resources and to answer those common questions that teachers and families have like:  How do I visit?  Where are facilities?      More to come....  





Cienega Annual Reception

FEBRUARY 8, 2014

CWP Annual Mtg Feb 2013 

Want to read the FROG report?  The results of the 3-year National Wildlife and Fish Foundation grant for Restoring Leopard Frogs and Habitat in Sky Island Grasslands
(AZ) can be found here:

FROG Report

D. Caldwell's Art

Science on the Sonoita Plain  2014 Probably June
more info coming
Contact: Larry Fisher at

Next Joint Meeting of the Sonoita Valley Planning Partnership and the Cienega Corridor Conservation Council:
in the planning stages
contact for ideas and info  

CWP Sustains the Cienega Watershed Through Partnerships
Whatever CWP accomplishes is done collaboratively with partners ranging from federal, state and county agencies to non-profit groups to private individuals, residents and youth.
More info on partnerships, here.
CWP recognizes the work of a partner with each newsletter.

CWP salutes

Bureau of Land Management
Tucson Field Office

The local BLM staff was there at the designation of the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (naturally) and remain firm collaborators with CWP and a host of federal, state, private, county, and non-profit partners. 

CWP directors have a constant dialogue with BLM on a variety of issues and to plan important forums ranging from the State of the Watershed to YES! 

And we get things done together on the ground like water monitoring and student conservation. 

Thank you for your efforts to preserve this important landscape.

Welcome to Vi Hillman, the new Tucson Field Manager!

BLM fire truck
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With your help, we can sustain programs in the Cienega Watershed.



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