“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

Dear All,

First of all Constant Contact switched formats so my apologies for anything that looks a little different. They also make it almost impossible to place pictures so my apologies for lack of that as well...ran out of time to place them.

2nd, this news letter not yet complete but I simply had to get it out today being the last day of the year. Please read the below link from my last news letter re: my recent challenges i have been experiencing with 5G including living/working out of my car, that has had some impact on my productivity making even getting a news letter out challenging, explained in the above link.

The Mixed Good News
We have some mixed good news to share - we may have found our Northern District plaintiff...our attorneys just approved the plaintiff last week and they have agreed not to settle this lawsuit were they to be offered cash by the wireless industry prior to our getting a ruling from the court. However we have hit a stumbling block in that they are wanting us to cover all their doctors bills and some other costs they are tacking on. Please know we are a bare bones non profit, we are covering the legal fees and court costs but would like our plaintiff to be reasonable, cooperative and helpful and at the very least cover their own doctors bills which may be non recoverable in the suit should we prevail. So I am putting the word out in case we cannot come to an agreement with this current plaintiff (which I hope we can) but just in case, if there is anyone else in the Northern District who has an antenna or tower within 300 feet of them (the closer the better for our purposes) or has one set to come in sometime in the future. We have removed all requirements such as "30 day shot clock", etc. The only requirements now are must have EHS/microwave radiation poisoning or other health problems effected by the radiation (such as have/had cancer, etc.) must be willing not to settle and of course must not demand we cover all their doctors bills. I know this thing has dragged out due to the lock down, but we are so close. Please get in touch ASAP if you fit this bill!!
Also in full disclosure there was recently another plaintiff in this area but they would not agree not to settle. So they may be bringing a similar suit but we expect there to be a cash settlement prior to a judge or jury reaching a verdict, so it may not be setting a precedent and thus will not really help us. Our lawsuit will not be settled, it will be taken all the way, to get a ruling permanently on the books so none of us never have to go through this again!

The Not So Good News
We had our appeal hearing last month to stop the first net/LA RICS/5G/ IoT/military tower that is scheduled to go up in our area and the County Board of Supervisors ruled against the lives of their constituents and the natural habitat and in favor of industry/county profits (they get $$ if that tower goes in). The possibility exists that we may now file a lawsuit to try and block it, but that is not a definite yet, as our attorneys have some misgivings about the tower being touted as "emergency services" and we no longer have the fire fighters union contributing $2,000,000 to the LA BOS campaign funds like they did last time we helped block this roll out. Our ADA/Fair Housing Act suit might assist us in blocking this massive, deadly, radiation machine. I will keep you posted as the situation unfolds next year.

Donations for Our Work
I know you are being inundated with donation requests so I'll try to keep it short and sweet. If you'd like to donate to our non profit whose current mission is changing the law on the wireless issue and disseminating the truth on this covered up issue and others like it, here is a link to our Donate page which has both a paypal button and our mailing address and here is a link to our Go Fund Me page for the ADA/Fair Housing Act/Constitution/Telecom Act lawsuit that we may have finally gotten our Northern District plaintiff for.

There are special laws for donations this year. Up to $300 is apparently a 100% tax write off and there are other special laws like the caps on donations being lifted for 2020. In addition to this, any donation $500 and up will be returned to the donor if/when we win on our ADA/Fair Housing Act lawsuit which we plan on doing. Thank you again for your ongoing support.

In addition to the Northern District ADA/Fair Housing Act/Telecom Act lawsuit, we are also plaintiffs against the FCC in the ground breaking non thermal effects case and will be having our day in court this Jan! More on that soon!!

Our free (for you, but we pay for it) "click to call action/petition" where you get to keep all of your signatores info is still available for those fighting 5G and/or other wireless or even vaccine and other harmful issues, until approx. spring of 2021 when our contract expires. So please let me know if you wish to take advantage of that platform while it is still up and running and free.

Although I will admit the Covid 19 lock down set us back with our lawsuit and the 5G upgrade has impacted me personally, we are getting closer and closer to protection from wireless radiation. Babe Ruth held the record for home runs in baseball, but what wasn't as advertised was how many times he had gone up to bat and struck out. I feel our time has come to start hitting home runs on this issue. We have the right attorneys, the right strategy, are in the right court and may finally have the right plaintiff or are very close to obtaining that. However, none of this would be possible without the generosity you have shown us. Thank you for your ongoing, heartfelt support. I am confident we will soon be be filing our ground breaking above lawsuit lawsuit come 2021.

Now for the news letter. Some of these links are from the past month or so, so you may have already seen some of them.

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2) Some Wireless Updates

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3) Hacking US Voting Machines and Changing Results - Live Presentation
A live presentation on how easily computerized, ballot counting, voting machines are manipulated and results changed...ANY computerized voting machine.

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Doll alerts to: "Parents participating in illicit activities that may lead to the creation of more humans..."

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This vid may seem hokey at first, but there are some excellent archival interviews in there.


May you have a beautiful, happy, healthy and prosperous 2021, and may we change the current landscape from total globalist takeover to total globalist awareness amongst citizens and freedom for all nations from the destruction and slavery it promises.

Special Thanks for Materials from: Mary Beth Brangan, Andre Fauteaux, Marcela Cruz Gibbons, Ira Nussbaumer, Michael Marlow, Susan Foster, Sydney Powell, Anita Wright, The High Wire, Activist Posts

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