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The Opposition Is Misinforming Your Legislator on GMO Labeling:


Call NOW to Make It RIGHT!


The opposition to this GMO Labeling bill is using a misinformation campaign to gather votes against HB 660 and GMO Labeling. GMO Labeling WILL come to the NH House this WEDNESDAY!


Please, Call NOW: 

-Follow this link to find you legislator(s) (there may be more than one).

-Tell your legislator(s) you want the right to know what is in your food.

-Then, let them know you'd like to correct the misinformation they have heard.



  • Restaurants are exempt according to the amended version of HB 660. (Alcohol and medical food are also exempt.)
  • If someone thinks a food product has not been properly labeled, they can register a complaint with NH's Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the department will have the MANUFACTURER prove that the food is properly labeled.  If it has not been properly labeled and the manufacturer refuses to correct the mislabeling, then there will be consequences for the MANUFACTURER, not the retailer.
  • The State of New Hampshire has determined that labeling is a cheap and effective tool to offer transparency in the marketplace, estimating that labeling would cost as little as 9 cents per NH resident.

Don't let Biotech and the Grocery Manufacturers get in the way of a transparent food system. 

We have a growing local agriculture movement in NH
It's built on transparency.   
















For more information:

 As always, the amended version of HB 660 and other useful information is on the NOFA-NH website: 



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