January 12, 2019
Do you know someone who finishes concrete?
Hello Everyone!

Lord willing, this May we will be building our first building on our missionary base that will be used to house all our vehicles, trailers and tools. It is a 28' x 60' garage and upstairs we will also be able to house a team of people. If you have not already seen our Phase 3 brochure, please click on the photo of the brochure here to read more.

Our Foundation Team needs at least one or two concrete finishers. Do you know someone who could serve with us for a week? Take time to visit our Foundation Team Webpage for more information.

If you have any interest or questions please email our Director of Facilities, Mel Miller at  melmiller516@gmail.com  or call him at (717) 418-6089.

In the video below, our property manager, Wick Sunderland , gives a brief encouragement from our property this past August.
Thank you, Wick & Candy Sunderland for all you have done for LightShine Ministries since 2001!
LightShine Ministries in Alaska
This year is a pivotal year for LightShine Ministries. We are in transition as a ministry that has been borrowing other ministry's properties for the last 23 years to now owning our own. We are in need of many more people to serve with us on a short term missionary team. We need help in building a garage that will house our teams, vehicles and tools. We need skilled labor and the finances to purchase building materials. We also need to continue to serve in all the places we have been serving for many years.

Please pray for our leaders as we seek the LORD for all these needs. Thank you so much!
Tom Denlinger
Ministry Director