September 6, 2020
Virtual Fall Rally:
We always stage a big fall rally in the runup to Election Day. This year's rally will be different: it will be a Virtual Fall Rally on September 27.

This will be a video event along the lines of the recent Democratic National Convention. Yours Truly has been nominated to produce it. It will be fun and entertaining, but WE NEED YOUR HELP. Here are some particulars:

  1. We want YOU to submit a BRIEF video for the event. It can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes long. We're looking for simple, selfie-type videos you can make on your phone.
  2. Possible topics: Why I'm a Democrat. Why I support Sam Edney, or Moe Davis, or Ray Gasperson, or whoever. What I love about Polk County. A personal story about Covid-19. Thoughts about your parents, or your children. Appreciation for public school teachers or veterans. You get the idea.
  3. The theme is animals: dogs, cats, horses, chickens, any kind of animal. If possible, try to include your animal(s) along with you in the video. Be creative and have fun!
  4. If you don't have an animal to go in your video, don't worry about it, send a video anyway. No script needed; just say what's on your mind.
  5. Make your video anywhere: your kitchen, backyard, barn, front porch, anywhere.
  6. Hold your phone sideways (as in the photo above), not upright.
  7. Be sure to say your name at the beginning of the video.
  8. We also want EVERYBODY to submit a selfie video of you reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This means you!
  9. Don't fret over this; you literally cannot mess it up.
  10. The deadline for video submissions is Saturday, September 19.

How to submit your video:

When you're happy with your video, click on this link and follow the instructions to upload it. You can upload it directly from your phone or from your computer. Depending on the size of the file and the speed of your connection, the upload process could take a while. Be patient. When the upload is complete, the website will display "Finished Uploading." That's it! You don't have to do anything else. I'll get an email notifying me that the video is ready.

We will also hear from candidates, of course. We're trying to keep the rally to about an hour, so I can't absolutely guarantee that every video that's submitted will make it into the final event.

We think this will be a great event. Once it's over, we'll save it as a video and send it out via YouTube, Facebook, and the Polk Dems website. That way, can potentially reach many more people than we would reach with a traditional in-person rally.


We are pulling out all the stops to make sure we get out the Democratic vote this year. Our last mailing alone cost nearly $3,000 for printing and postage, and the next one will be even more. Please consider helping us out by clicking on the red button below. Thank you!!!

New video:
How to Fill Out and Return Your Absentee Ballot
I received my absentee ballot in the mail on Saturday, September 5. Maybe you did too. This video takes you step-by-step through the process of filling it out and sending it in. Pay special attention to the signatures on the envelope.
Q&A: Two Months Out
With Election Day coming up in less than two months, we're being asked a few questions over and over. I figured this might be a good time to share them, along with the answers.

Q 1: Where are the signs for Democrats?

We have stocked up on signs in the headquarters building.
NC law forbids posting political signs along public roads until September 15 this year. You have no doubt noticed that the other side does not abide by this restriction, but we do. If you scroll down the page, you'll see a statement on illegal sign placement developed by the PCDP executive committee; the statement was submitted to the Tryon Daily Bulletin on September 3.

Q 2: How can I get signs and stickers?

Please do not put out any signs on public roads until September 15. We have lots of signs for some candidates (with more on the way), and a limited number for some others. Because we have to purchase the signs for Biden, Cooper, and Cunningham, we are asking for a donation of $10 per sign to offset our costs. Bumper stickers are coming as well. The HQ building will be open from 10am to 2pm Tuesdays through Saturdays beginning Tuesday, September 8.

Q 3: Is the headquarters building open?

Starting on Tuesday, September 8, First Vice Chair Pat Salomon is coordinating a plan to staff the HQ building in Columbus for four hours on Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Each shift will have one volunteer in order to assure social distancing, and the volunteer will be encouraged to stay on the porch as much as possible to minimize the risk of virus spread. If you're interested in taking on a shift, email Pat at

Q 4: Can I vote as soon as I get my absentee ballot?

Absolutely. As soon as you get your absentee ballot, you can fill it out and return it to the Polk County Board of Elections, either by mail or in person.

If you have already requested a ballot, you might be getting it very soon. (Sharon and I received ours yesterday.)

We just published a brand-new video on how to fill out and return your absentee ballot. Check it out, and share it with your friends.

We recommend that you return your completed ballot to the Board of Elections office as early as possible. That way, if there's any issue with your ballot or the return envelope, it will give the elections staff time to contact you so you can correct it.

If you haven't requested an absentee ballot but would still like to, there is a new online portal for you to make your request. Click here to do it now. DO NOT WAIT.

If you need any assistance — or know anyone who does — email or call me at 828-817-2999. We are here to help.

Q 5: Which method of voting do you recommend?

All three voting methods—absentee, early in-person, and on Election Day—are equally valid. However, we do recommend that you vote as early as you can.

Most of your executive committee members are voting absentee because it's the earliest way get your ballot into the system—as long as you do it early enough. (If you're unsure about the security of voting absentee, check out this video.)

Early voting is another good option. It starts on October 15.

In my opinion, voting on Election Day should be your last option, because last minute snafus might possibly cause problems that would make it difficult for you to cast your ballot. If you can vote early, do it.
Statement on Early Placement of Campaign Signs
Polk County Democratic Party
The North Carolina legislature in 2011 imposed limitations on when political signs are allowed to be placed in public rights-of-way. For this year’s general election, signs are allowed beginning September 15. Any political sign placed in a right-of-way prior to that date is in violation of state law. 

Signs placed on one’s own property and outside of the public right-of-way are allowed at any time. However, signs placed along public roadways or in areas such as the roundabouts in Columbus would be blatantly out of compliance, so the Polk County Democratic Party has discouraged our folks from placing such signs. 

The Democrats of Polk County are just as eager as our electoral opponents to plant campaign signs. You will start seeing ours pop up when they are allowed under state law: September 15. We also plan to remove our signs immediately after the election to avoid ruining our spectacular views for any longer than necessary.

There are plenty of partisan issues over which we can disagree, but this should not be one of them. It is a simple matter of abiding by the law, respecting the principles of fair play, being a good neighbor, and conserving the unspoiled beauty of Polk County.
Coming Events
Polk Dems HQ Office Hours

Deadline for submitting videos for Virtual Fall Rally
  • Saturday, September 19
  • 11:00pm
  • Please submit your video early if possible
  • Email Andy with questions

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