After more than 50 screenings of   Beyond the Wall   for criminal justice and corrections audiences, it is clear that the film has the capacity to evoke questions and realizations about the challenges of prison reentry.

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Our goal over the next year is to bring the Beyond The Wall prison curriculum into prisons nationwide, reaching thousands of inmates who will soon be released. This program will help returning citizens tell their stories and stay focused on the goals of avoiding drugs, maintaining employment, and surrounding themselves with a strong support network of friends and family.

                  Louie Diaz discusses the "Getting Beyond The Wall" Prison Curriculum
Alaskan Partnerships

Our community screening in Anchorage was a tremendous success! We already have a request to screen again in Alaska and were so glad to have been able to meet our amazing Alaskan peers, Partners for Progress.

After the screening,  Louie  stuck around to chat with Carlos Diaz and Raymond Soto, returning citizens from  Alaska .
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