eBrief May 4, 2018
Attorneys Needed
We have several open cases and we need your help! Please let us know if you can be of assistance to our clients.Thank you!
Please help this grandfather adopt his granddaughter and give her a better quality of life. Client has had custody for over four years and his daughter is in full support of the adoption. I Can Help.
Please help this client create a simple will to make his wife executor of his estate. Client stated that he has watched too many family members die without having their affairs in order, and did not want to repeat the same mistake. I Can Help.
Not Pictured
Please help a client hold a roofing company accountable. Client paid for roofing services that were never rendered and is worried about mold if the roof is not fixed. I Can Help.
This retired Army Vietnam Veteran needs help creating a simple will.  I Can Help.
This disabled Army veteran needs help creating a simple will.  I Can Help.
This domestic violence victim and mother of a two-year-old needs help through her divorce. She has a pending restraining order against her spouse. I Can Help.
This mother of two young children seeks to divorce her husband who choked her and threw her down the steps. She has a pending restraining order. I Can Help.
Free Domestic Violence CLE
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham and the YWCA will be hosting a domestic violence legal training from  11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 17 , at the Birmingham Bar Center. Kirk Drennan Law is sponsoring the free lunch. The purpose of this training is to teach attorneys about domestic violence and to encourage attorneys to provide pro bono representation to domestic violence survivors. 
We are honored to have speakers Courtney Cross , Director of the Domestic Violence Clinic at University of Alabama, and Annetta Nunn , YWCA Community Outreach Coordinator, who have great experience in training and educating attorneys on the issues of domestic violence. The CLE is worth 2 credit hours and is free to attorneys who have volunteered or are interested in volunteering. Please register with Lisa Florence at  lflorence@ywcabham.org .
Domestic Violence CLE 517
Thank You to Our Help Desk Volunteers

Thank You Veterans Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Veterans Help Desk: Glen Waldrop (Lightfoot), Sandy Hooper (Lightfoot), Charles Greene (Lightfoot), Brandon Essig (Lightfoot), Bridget Harris (Lightfoot), Ben Willson (Lightfoot), Jay Sewell  (Lightfoot), Nikaa Jordan (Lightfoot), Lane Morrison (Lightfoot), Amaobi Enyinnia (Lightfoot), Doug Friedman , and Judge John Carroll (Cumberland School of Law).
Lightfoot Attorneys
Lightfoot Attorneys

Thank You Turning Point Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered for Turning Point: Jon Turner and Clayton Bromberg (Starnes).
Clayton _ Jon K

Thank You Domestic Relations Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Domestic Relations Help Desk: Honora Gathings (Gathings Law), Kathryn Gentle (Lloyd Hogan), Melinda Guillaume , Amy Hazelton (Southern Company), Susan McAlister , Anderson Mears , John Milledge , Louis Montgomery , Eddie Sexton (Gentle Turner) (pictured), and Kimberly Vice (Gathings Law).

Thank You Civil Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Civil Help Desk: Katie Grayson (Encompass Health), David Stephenson (Encompass Health), Bill Prosch , Leon Johnson , Sidney Summey (White Arnold Dowd) (pictured).
Sidney Summey.
Rock the Bar
Rock the Bar
Rock the Bar is this Thursday, May 10th at 5:00 p.m. at Haven (2515 6th Ave S). Click here for more info.
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham | www.vlpbirmingham.org