All sanitation workers deserve the peace of mind to know that at the end of each day they will go home to their families.



On Thursday, January 9, Coastal Resources of Maine suffered mechanical damage to a key piece of equipment caused by a fire.  The Hampden Fire Department acted quickly, and the fire was contained.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, but two Coastal Resources employees working in the area at the time of the incident were affected with one suffering minor injuries that required immediate medical attention.

The root cause of the fire appears to be a propane tank that exploded during processing.

Hazardous Waste such as propane tanks, including camp stove canisters and the like, ARE NOT accepted at Coastal Resources. Due to the gas and pressure inside, these tanks cannot be recycled with household waste or single stream recycling and are a danger to all who handle waste.

As MRC Members, it is our responsibility to make sure the household waste and recycling sent to Coastal Resources for processing is free of unacceptable materials, especially Hazardous Wastes.

It is the MRC Members' responsibility to educate their residents on what CAN NOT be disposed of in household waste and recycling.

Please post notices on your Municipal websites and social media pages. It is essential that we encourage our residents to properly dispose of all waste, so they do not risk injuring themselves or sanitation workers.

We cannot risk endangering the lives of sanitation workers by sending dangerous and unacceptable waste to the Coastal Resources of Maine facility.

Please review and reiterate the unacceptable waste list to your residents at:

Thank you for help in keeping everybody who handles our municipal waste safe.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at , contact Executive Director Mike Carroll at (207) 664-1700   or  or contact a  MRC Board Member .    
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