• Input Needed: Utilizing Public Outdoor Space For Dining
Hello Downtown Businesses,

By now, many of you have likely heard some enthusiastic business peers, or the community at large, advocating for large street closures to accommodate outdoor dining in Downtown Santa Cruz, as we plan and prepare to move deeper into phase 2, and eventually phase 3 of California's re-opening roadmap. The timing of these re-opening stages is yet to be determined.
And, the topic of street closures is still being discussed. We understand that it is a very complex topic. A street closure can give the much needed expansion of capacity to restaurants, while at the same time, could be limiting to a retailers ability to sustain business through curbside pick up and accessible walk-ups.

As we move toward advocating for our Downtown businesses in conversations around the utilization of Downtown streets, sidewalks, and parking spots/lots, with City Council and City staff, we know that it is crucial that we hear from you first .

It will be incredibly important that those of you that are neighbors on a block communicate with each other, and work to find creative ways to support each other as we look toward reopening. We acknowledge that what could work for one block may not be good for another block, in regards to the shared use of streets and sidewalks. 

With that in mind, in order to give you an opportunity to start these communications with neighbors, and to allow us a better sense of how to support you, we are including an INPUT FORM .This input will serve as a forum for conversation on this topic.

Deadline is Friday May 29th, 2020

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly as well.
Thank you!

Abra Allan, Interim Executive Director

Sonja Brunner, Operations Director and Membership Coordinator
Sent to you by your good friends at the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz!