CBD Products Now On Sale at the Clinic!

Our New CBD Products Available:

Topicals - for Pain Relief

Gummies - at lower doses, for beginners and to easily take in smaller increments

Tinctures - for Relief and Relaxation - Stress and/or Sleep Support, at higher therapeutic doses


CBD Clinic Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment $40

Level 4 Pain Relief – for Severe Pain
44 g jar – 250 mg CBD per jar, no THC
Contains Menthol and Camphor
Topical application to deliver relief directly to painful muscles and joints by reducing swelling and inflammation
Provides hours of relief by increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected area, using hemp extract, menthol and camphor

CBD Clinic Pain Stick Level 5: Pro Sport $60
Maximum Strength
30g Stick, 360 mg CBD per stick
Contains Camphor and Menthol

An all natural ointment that delivers strong pain relief.
*helps to speed recovery for fatigued and painful joints and muscles
*helps restore range of motion and mobility
*great for on-the-go and hard to reach places


Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies $40
Calm – Lemon Lime
 10mg CBD per serving, no THC
60 gummies (30 servings)

These tasty gummies combine the Stanley Brothers’ famous, US grown CW hemp in a botanical blend with lemon balm to promote feelings of peace and tranquility.
Lab testing ensures that each bottle consistently provides the highest quality hemp extract.


CB Distillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil $45
1000 mg – 30 ml (33 mg per 1 ml serving)
Includes less than .3% THC
Hemp Extract in MCT (coconut) oil

This full spectrum oil tincture combines the power of CBD oil and other naturally occurring plant proteins, minerals, vitamins, and more so that you can reap all the benefits of the cannabis plant without any potentially intoxicating effects.
All CB Distillery products are third-party lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and consistent serving sizes. Made in the USA using natural farming practices.

CB Distillery Rx Broad Spectrum CBD Oil $60
1500 mg – 30 ml (50 mg per 1 ml serving)
Citrus flavor, Hemp extract in MCT (coconut) oil
Contains the same beneficial array of cannabinoids as the Full Spectrum oil, with all THC removed.
All CB Distillery products are third-party lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and consistent serving sizes. Made in the USA using natural farming practices.

Questions about CBD
Rachel Condon, Lic. Ac.

Why are we carrying CBD products at NCA?

The majority of conditions that we treat here at the clinic are pain conditions, and/or a variety of conditions that are at least partly due to stress.

No one needs to remind us today that we are living in a stressful world!

The more tools and supports we can develop and utilize to help us manage our stress in healthful ways, the more resilient we become and more able to ride those waves ourselves, and help others in our lives too.

CBD is a safe, non-addictive, non-intoxicating, plant-based substance that offers just such a tool, working with the nervous system to offer pain relief, relaxation, sleep support, and reduce inflammation.

Why these particular products?

I have researched several available products and found these three brands that are well-respected and third-party lab tested so you can be sure you are getting the correct dosage and highest quality. You can check the individual batch for your product and see the Certificate of Analysis, on each of their websites, to assure quality and transparency.

Other than the Charlotte's Web gummies, which offer the smallest dose that we carry, the tinctures and the topicals are all clinical-level therapeutic dosages.

What is CBD oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, and then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil.

It is non-intoxicating and does not create a "high" effect. The high effect comes from THC, which is another part of the cannabis plant. CBD oil products are processed to varying stages, to remove any trace amounts of THC.

For example, the Broad Spectrum tincture that we now carry has been further processed to remove all traceable amounts of THC, while the Full Spectrum tincture has not been processed to that degree, containing no more than .3 % of THC. In comparison, many THC-containing medical marijuana products contain 10-15 % THC.

How does it work?

CBD binds with cannabinoid receptors in our neural systems to help regulate many important daily functions and parameters of health and balance, including

Pain** Mood** Inflammation** Motor Control** Nausea** Memory** Appetite** Pleasure** Immune Function** Sleep

We have an endocannabinoid system as part of the nervous system, which means that our own bodies naturally produce molecules called endocannabinoids. The various types of cannabinoids found in the cannibis plant also interact with this system and have been found to cause the beneficial effects listed above.

How much should I take?

Most people using CBD on a regular basis find that a daily serving between 30-60 mg is ideal. You may need to experiment a bit to find your optimal dosage.

The general recommendation is to start with 5-10 mg of CBD, wait 1-2 hours, then increase as necessary to achieve desired results.

Are there side effects?

Although CBD is generally considered safe, it can cause adverse reactions like dry mouth, diarrhea, and fatigue in some people. It may also interfere with certain medications, so you should check with your doctor if you have any questions.

Still wondering if CBD is right for you? Ask us when you come to your next appointment, or email me HERE with your questions.

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