The fall is harvest season. This month we honor the seeds that have been sown and acknowledge the harvest that is taking place with the research that My Blue Dots  has supported.  
October, 2016

We Reap What We Sow 

"We reap what we do sow,"
A saying that is so true.
Whatever you sow, you do reap
Dr. Erinn Rankin
Dr. Erinn Rankin, PhD Assistant Professor Stanford Medicine
So be aware of what you do.

To sow to a dream or vision
Of what you know is right.
Takes time, energy, thought and money
And you're willing for this vision - to fight.
To fight for a cure for metastatic cancer
Is what Dr. Erinn Rankin does do,
Time, expense, many tests are done
But she works tirelessly to discover what's new.

She holds this vision in her head
And has sown research seeds for years.
As the harvest of her work is now coming in
We acknowledge her with great cheers!

© Sue McCollum 

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Dr. Erinn Rankin and her research team at Stanford University are currently working on trying to identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets to detect and treat metastatic ovarian cancer. The primary cause of mortality in ovarian cancer patients is metastases to organs within the peritoneal cavity.   To read Dr. Erinn Rankin's full article, click below.  
Message from
               Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,
    It has been an honor for My Blue Dots to support the work of this exceptional young woman, Dr. Erinn Rankin, for three years. Each year the My Blue Dots Fund is given to Dr. Rankin to support this research. 
Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
                               Until Next Time...          
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