August 2022
We Remember Housing Unlimited Tenant, Jon Pine
On Thursday, July 21st, 2022 Housing Unlimited (HUI) lost a longtime tenant, a humble man who made every tenant and staff member feel welcome in the HUI family. A man known by many as a gentle giant, a man whose name we will never forget: Jon Pine.

Jon’s tenacity and engaging personality were evident to all who knew him. Jon was an avid reader and loved to discuss books, especially books about sports. He enthusiastically acquired and displayed sports memorabilia. He set up a personal gym in the garage and worked out with his weights every day. You did not want to get into a push up challenge with Jon!
It was very important to Jon to give back to the community. Throughout his 20-year tenure as a HUI tenant, Jon took great pride in his role as a HUI public education paid intern and proudly represented HUI at housing and mental health resource fairs. He also spoke movingly to community groups—including many school and religious school youth groups—about the importance of his HUI housing and his journey of mental health recovery.

Jon particularly wanted young people to understand the harm that can be caused by bullying. He spoke candidly about his own very painful experience with bullying and challenged the students to swiftly intervene and prevent any bullying in their classroom. At the end of all of his presentations, Jon loved to invite the audience to test his encyclopedic knowledge of sports trivia. He fielded any and all questions but no one was ever able to stump him. He pitched a perfect game.

Since Jon’s passing, all of us at HUI are feeling his loss deeply. We are touched and grateful for the outpouring of financial support and appreciation of HUI from Jon’s family and friends. Rabbi Judy Brazen, Jon's sister-in-law, shared with the HUI staff: “Thank you for valuing and respecting Jon in a way that brought the best parts of him out." Rabbi Judy added, “You paid attention to what was most important to him."

We will truly miss Jon Pine. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his mother, Rhoda Zucker Pine; siblings, Dr. Daniel Pine (Rabbi Judy Brazen) and Rabbi Debbie Pine (Rabbi Andrew Busch); and his nieces and nephews, Jacob Pine, Abigail Pine, Ezra Pine, Johanna Busch (Jacob Goldman), Ben Busch, and Ethan Busch.
Donate to Housing Unlimited and Receive a Maryland Tax Credit Equal to 50% of Your Donation!

Are you thinking about donating to Housing Unlimited? If so, we have great news for you! The Maryland Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC) is available through November!

CITC supports nonprofits by awarding Maryland tax credits to individuals and businesses who make donations. When you make a gift of $500 or more to Housing Unlimited Inc (HUI), you may be eligible to receive a Maryland tax credit equal to 50% of the value of your gift—that’s in addition to Federal and State charitable tax deductions!

Before you donate or if you have any questions, contact Heidi Webb at
Introducing HUI Maintenance Team Member, Dasun Chamara!
Here at Housing Unlimited we love to highlight staff members, stakeholders, and tenants who make our mission statement “Empowering People in Mental Health Recovery to Live Independently” a reality every day.

Today, we are highlighting our new maintenance team member, Dasun Chamara, who says, "This organization has been amazing so far. I enjoy working with fellow employees on the maintenance team. Seeing a tenant’s happiness when I complete a work order is something that makes this job worthwhile. I am happy to be here and cannot wait to make plenty of memories with HUI."

Dasun has been a major addition to the maintenance team - working on our various properties is quite the task! The encouragement of the Director of Property Development Lisa Cook— and the hands-on training with his co-workers Reggi and Ian—have put Dasun in a great position to grow and bring his talents to the team and wherever life will take him in the future.

Would YOU be interested in volunteering to assist with the many landscaping and maintenance tasks for our 84 homes? We work with corporate groups, families, and individuals who are eager to volunteer in our community.

If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering, please reach out to Lisa Cook at

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